My Birthday {2013}

I feel very blessed to have such a loving family and a wonderful group friends. So this year I was determined to have a great birthday, no mater what! Compared to last year’s grouch fest this was a much better!!

My birthday celebrations started out with dinner and dancing organized by my friend Liza at a country line dancing bar. As and EDM fan who would have ever thought I would want to celebrate my birthday by dancing to country music! Crazy what mama hood does to you!

IMG_3053We had such a great time!!! So many great memories! A few of my friends even insisted we celebrate their birthday’s here next year.

IMG_3014IMG_3045IMG_3034IMG_3036Between trying to dance with the locals and taking silly pictures we couldn’t stop laughing the entire night! It was so much fun!

IMG_3100What’s a birthday party without favors? A took a pretzel log, dipped into pink melted chocolate, tossed some sprinkles and placed it into a bag. Thanks for the help and for doing my make up Bethy!

IMG_3006 - favorsIMG_3041IMG_3101The night ended with all of the gentlemen on their knees while they sang Happy Birthday to me and another birthday girl. It was so sweet and very charming!

IMG_3075The next day I even caught myself still laughing at all the silly pictures we took.


The morning of my birthday hubby and Sarah took me out for brunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

blowing out my birthday candlesAfter brunch we headed to the outlets. I scored a gorgeous Coach bag and some sneakers. Such a lucky mama!

After we all had a much needed nap, hubby and Sarah made me a birthday cake. This wasn’t any ordinary cake, they baked this cake inside an ice cream cone! It was awesome!

IMG_3140IMG_3143After a light dinner we got dressed in warm clothes and drove around our neighborhood looking for lights. Hubby and Sarah have gone out a few times before so they knew where all the great spots where. We stopped at this one house to watch their light and snow show.

IMG_3162 IMG_3169It was a really magical experience! Sarah absolutely loved it! My favorite part about this house was that they didn’t want money for the show, but instead they wanted us to help our community and donate food and baby items to a fantastic organization. So we bought a couple of items with us and placed them in the sled.

IMG_3161Through out the day I received calls, texts, FB messages, emails and even Instagram posts for my birthday. I felt very loved!

Thank you for all the love and well wishes. I had a fabulous birthday!

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happy you enjoyed your special day. thanks Douglas and Sarah for making my niece happy :)

Michal ema Benson

I am so happy that you had a great and special day! You are very special !!! Love you always and forever Ema. I enjoyed to read and loved the pictures.

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