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Holidays In Your Car

We closed 2020 by checking out one more drive-thru. Holidays In Your Car is located at the Ventura County Fairgrounds where they had over 1 million lights and a symphony of sight and sounds. We had a magical time! How gorgeous is this Candy workshop piece? I spy a flamingo! After a little snow shower …


Passover {2017}

I love hosting dinner in our home. I think about the menu, invite guests, shop for food and set my table.The kids had a table of their own too.The menu consisted of a few favorites and some new dishes. Orange Marmalade chicken – Sweet Onion Brisket – Matzah Apple Kugel – Carrot and Raisin Kugel …


Shopkins Birthday Party

We had no plans to throw Miss Sarah a 6th birthday party this year. After all a Disneyland vacation was her birthday “party”. But after we attended a few birthday parties from kids in our neighborhood, Sarah really wanted a party too. We compromised and organized a small neighborhood party with a few friends from …


Valentine’s Day {2017}

This year Valentine’s Day fell on a school day. I had plans to volunteer at Sarah’s school, but I mixed up the dates and couldn’t get someone to watch Jacob. After both Sarah and I shed some tears (poor kiddo really wants me to volunteer more often) I was determined to make the rest of …

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