Gestational Diabetes

I have gestational diabetes and I’m really upset about it.

After failing the the one hour glucose test I retested by taking the 3 hour glucose test. Both times I had to drink this super sweet drink.IMG_5253

People compare it to orange soda, I think it tastes like super sweet crap. Then I had to stay by the lab while I had my blood drawn 4 times, every hour on the hour. Ugh I hate needles!!

A couple days later I got a call from a nurse letting me know that my test was 3 points above normal. She then explains that I need to come in to meet with a dietitian who will give me a meal plan. Then I would meet with my case manager so that I can learn how to use my new blood sugar monitor. Confused by all of this new information, I asked to speak with my doctor. My doctor called me shortly after and explained some of the risks with not following their guidelines.

I reluctantly attended my meeting with my dietician where I met two more preggos who were only 3 and 4 months pregnant (yikes, I felt bad for them!). We went over the food plan and were given a couple worksheets with menu ideas.IMG_5468If you know me, then you know how much I HATE needles. For example, when I get a shot or have my blood drawn I am very particular. As soon as I get in the seat I turn my head and close my eyes. That way I don’t see them prep the needle(s) and it’s over before I know it. I’m not so much scared of the blood, but the needles is what gets me.

The first day was the hardest! Every time I would bring the needle keeper close to my finger I would wimp out and pull away. After a few failed attempts I finally went for it but didn’t break the skin. Therefore I had to prick myself again. Ugh, I was so mad!

My friend who had GD told me about how she put a station together and that it was really helpful. After a few days into checking my blood level I decided to do the same. Thanks for the tip Stacee!IMG_5605

After a week of pricking my fingers it became a routine, but my numbers were not great.

My case manger scheduled a review meeting a week later. Between the time I saw her and my meeting I had two big events to attend on the calendar, my baby sprinkle and a Bat Mitzvah. I explained to her how important these two events were so she requested I try to eat close to my meal plan.

 I decided to go all out at both events since they fell on the same day. My numbers were not great to begin with and pricking my finger 4 times a day was starting to make my fingers numb so I just went for it.

After a routine GYNO appointment hubby and I sat down for my review meeting. I met with my dietician, case manager and a social worker. I was super nervous and just wanted the meeting over with. After reviewing my numbers they told me what I didn’t want to hear. I was told that I needed to go on insulin. I was so upset. As is I am having a hard time checking my blood sugar, now they want me to add more needles! Luckily hubby was there, because thinking about it now I probably checked out at some point. He asked some questions and we were given instructions.

After a visit to the pharmacy we went home with the plan to start that evening.

After setting up yet another station, hubby was going to administer the insulin.


I’m not sure if I had a panic attack, but it was bad. Like real bad!

Needless to say we didn’t get the job done that evening.

I was so upset and freaked out that I was still a mess the following day.

I felt like such a failure. I wasn’t able to take care of business instead I sobbed uncontrollably while I knew what I needed to do. My baby and I needed this medication. And I couldn’t do it.

Hubby took Sarah the following day for a few hours while I stayed home. I needed to chill out! My heart was racing, my eyes were puffy and my head was pounding. It’s sad that I couldn’t just do it. It’s just a needle! For some reason I just don’t do well around needles and the night before was really traumatic for me. 

Luckily we had leftovers from the night before because I was in no shape to deal with reality.

After dinner and Sarah’s bed time routine I asked hubby not to talk about it.

He did his prep work and I turned my head like I normally do at the doctor’s office. A few seconds later he administered the insulin and it was all over.


I (he) did it!!!!!!!

Now the sucky part, I have 9 more weeks to do this shit! Ugh!!! I am so upset!

Have any recipes to share? Or advice?

I’m going to need a lot of strength in the next couple of months so please send me your good vibes.

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[…] Cravings: None unfortunately. I recently found out I have gestational diabetes […]

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