Daniel Tiger Live

We are big fans of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood show on PBS!

I love their messages and the catchy songs. It’s helped us a lot!

When the main character, Daniel’s family was growing so was ours. The show and the books got Sarah even more pumped for the arrival of her baby brother.

We also have their figurines and a Katerina Kittycat doll that I won on Facebook.daniel-tiger-winnerSo when I saw it was playing in our town I surprised the kiddos and bought tickets for the whole family. danieltigersqb-550x550

Then Sarah started seeing commercials for it and begged to go. I decided not to tell her until a few days before the show.

The day of the show Sarah was super grumpy because we couldn’t bring snacks inside (oh kids!) and didn’t want to join us for any pictures. img_3624Then the show started and Katerina walked through the doors by our seats.img_3628img_3629img_3630The show was just like the TV show, but even more fun!img_3637img_3636 img_3638img_3632img_3641img_3635I loved watching the kids reactions.

During the break we got Sarah some food and all was good.


We had a great time!

If it comes to your town, I highly recommend seeing the show.

As Daniel says, Ugga Mugga!



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