Halloween {2016}

I always enjoyed celebrating Halloween, but now that I have kids it’s a lot more fun!

ONE – We started the celebrations with a costume play date with our preschool friends.img_2774   img_2800 img_2803 img_2805img_2833img_2804img_2819img_2820  img_2812 img_2818   img_2822img_2832 img_2830   img_2842img_2853 img_2854 img_2860-fav

TWO – Next up was a potluck party in Jacob’s mommy and me class. We brought boo cheese!img_2875 img_2931 img_2922-fav

THIRD – A Halloween party at Sarah’s ballet studio.img_2806

FOURTH – Halloween potluck play date with our mommy group. We brought cauldron cupcakes (recipe can be found here). img_3524 img_3537-fav 14716066_10210335562493020_2798010522193386421_n

FIFTH – Halloween family costume party at Taylor’s home. img_2949-favimg_2985-fav img_2982 img_2993-fav img_2999-fav img_3013 img_3020-fav img_3043-fav img_3594 img_3051img_3036img_3038-copy

SIXTH – Sarah’s class parade.img_3052 img_3090 img_3119 img_3128 img_3133 img_3137

SEVENTH – Breakfast at IHOP with the family for spooky pancakes.img_5313

EIGHT – Carving pumpkins & s’mores with the neighbors.img_3583 img_3603Ninth – Trick or Treat.img_3670img_3696 img_3676 img_3679img_5321img_5323They even had a professional photographer at one of the houses.  professional  What a fun week! I feel like we celebrated Halloween all month long.

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