Camp Mommy Update

Last summer a couple of moms and I organized a Camp Mommy for our kids.

We had a simple schedule that was loaded with a lots of fun.

Camp Mommy ScheduleMake Monday: Make Something Monday. Try a new recipe, craft, or build something.

Amanda organized this day with lot’s of fun play dates. We did things like Popsicles in the Park, made Kiss Boxes, decorated cupcakes and more. 

Popsicles in the Park – Frozen Popsicle treats and colored Popsicle sticks made into flowers.

Mama Chit Chat: Camp MommyKiss Box – I blogged about this fun play date here. Each kid made their own box based on the book, The Kiss Box by Bonnie Verburg.

Mama Chit Chat: Camp MommyCupcake decorating at the park. Both fun and yummy!

Mama Chit Chat: Camp MommyToon Tuesday: Watch a movie at our local theater. Camp Mommy: Movies

Some movies did not work for our 3 year olds and some movies were just too scary. However this year Sarah was able to make it to a handful of movies. Where as last year the longest she made it in the movie theater was 30 minutes. Her favorite movie this summer was, Despicable Me.

Mama Chit Chat: Camp MommyWater Wednesday: swimming, water park, splash pad.

It was super hot this summer (over 100 degrees on most days) so it was a much needed break when we went to places like the pool, beach and water park.

IMG_9059 IMG_1523 IMG_1169IMG_1171Trip Thursday: museum, aquarium, farm, bowling, fire station, strawberry picking, pizza class and indoor play places.

IMG_1583 IMG_9306 IMG_9290 IMG_1196

IMG_9585 - moms IMG_9536IMG_9743 IMG_9840 IMG_0201 - groupWe went to so many fun places this year! Looking forward to another fun filled summer!!

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