For the past few months Sarah has been taking soccer lessons.

She has been talking about wanting to play for a while now. I looked through our rec center catalog and a found a class for tots. After signing her up we were asked to bring a soccer ball and shin guards. With her ball in hand, (I never got around to buying her shin guards) we started our first class.

Every class started and ended with some stretching. IMG_4949IMG_4950The first 15 minutes of EVERY class, Sarah was very timid. She barely kicked the ball or participated in the drills.IMG_4813IMG_5501 Soon after she would get into it and kick the ball (surprisingly) far. IMG_4815IMG_4817 IMG_4824 IMG_4939I kept trying to encourage her to start off like she ended, but if you know Sarah then you’d know she needs a few minutes to get comfy in each setting (even if she’s been there before). Unfortunately the class was only 45 minutes long and at the end of nap so coming earlier to get her used to her surroundings was not an option.

Sarah’s favorite exercise was when each kid got to play one on one with the goal.IMG_4947 IMG_4948IMG_5493She even got to take a turn at being goalie!IMG_5495

It was not her favorite position.

Watching all the toddlers from my chair was my favorite. It’s so cute to see kids in all shapes and sizes play to the best of their ability.

Baby enjoyed his/her view too.

IMG_5502 Overall Sarah had fun! However waking her from her nap (yes she still naps regularly) every week and not being completely into it hubby and I decided to wait until she was a bit older to try again.

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