What to Pack In My Hospital Bag?

When I was 8 months pregnant with my first child, I already had my hospital bag (mostly) packed. Some people thought it was silly, but little did we know my water would brake 3 weeks after I packed my bag. All I had to do was grab a few last minute things and off we went to the hospital were I delivered two days later.

Once again I plan to pack my hospital bag at the 8 month mark. Going through this a second time, I know what I need and want with me in the hospital.IMG_5491– What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag-

  1. Pajamas – As soon as I’m able to take a shower I change into my button down pj’s. I’m most comfortable in my pj’s then the clip on hospital gown. Plus they are much easier to nurse with (if you plan to go that route). My favorites can be found here and here.
  2. Slippers and Socks – While in bed I like wearing my socks. Walking around the hospital room I’m most comfortable wearing my slippers. Once home I wash my slippers.
  3. Nursing Bra/Nursing Tank – I bring one bra to go home in and wear a nursing tanks the rest of the time. 
  4. Nursing Pads – If you plan to nurse, bring a box of pads with you.
  5. Nursing Pillow – I didn’t bring my Boppy last time, but wish I had. Getting started with the right tools is really helpful when trying to nurse.
  6. Toiletries – I bring little bottles of each; shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, face moisturizer, deodorant, lotion and toothpaste. I also bring a toothbrush, hairbrush and extra ponytail holders.
  7. Lip Moisturizer – As a chap stick addict I carry 2-3 of my favorite chap sticks with me at all times. There is no exception at the hospital where it is most needed.
  8. Plastic Bag for Laundry – Seems silly, but I don’t like my dirty clothes touching my clean things.
  9. Going Home Outfit – A pair of tights, a maternity shirt (you will still have a bump) and shoes are all you need to go home.
  10. Babies Going Home Outfit – I bring one boy outfit and one girl outfit since we don’t find out the gender.
  11. Car seat – My hospital walks you out to the car so that they can check to see that you have a car seat installed in your car.
  12. Blanket/swaddle – I bring a neutral color blanket so that I can cover baby in the car. *The hospital provides you with a blanket/swaddle during your stay.
  13. Sibling Gift – We plan to get something for Sarah from baby and maybe even a gift that Sarah will give baby.

-Grab Before You Head Out –

  1. Charger – What good is your phone/camera if you can’t charge it.
  2. Wallet – You will need your insurance card and Id so don’t forget to grab your purse.

Finally, have hubby pack a few items in his bag that he might need while in the hospital. Luckily he can go back home to get any last minute things you might want in the hospital.

To see my pregnancy journey click here.

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