10 on 10 {October 2014}

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.

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Check out last month’s post here.

Here is a sneak peek of our day!

My morning started at 7:45 when Sarah was ready for the day.  I got her up and headed to the kitchen to find a a note from hubby and a ring of danishes. Thanks babe!


I prepped Sarah’s breakfast as she watched a show. After breakfast I headed to my room to get dressed. I came back out and put the finishing touches on Sarah’s lunch.


I dropped her off and headed to Starbucks. Ahhh I love Preschool days!

I headed over to my friend’s Erin house for the morning. Her son and I played trains.


I don’t play with trains often, but watching Vin play with this set while laughing over and over again I to have a new favorite train. My favorite train that morning was called the Giggling Troublesome Truck. It giggles every time your press the button. I’m not sure how Erin feels about the noise, but watching Vin laugh every time was pure bliss!

After a couple of hours I headed to the grocery store, came home and ate lunch. I had leftover pizza from the night before, but don’t like the texture after the heating it in the microwave. Thanks to The Chew I remembered this tip, heat sliced pizza face down for a few minutes. The oil from the pizza will release and cook the pizza. Then flip it and cook a couple more minutes. Ta da! Now you had a crispy warm pizza that tastes like it did when you first bought it.


I headed back to school for pick up.


After some down time I put Sarah down for a nap.

I always tend to my “garden” during nap time. My cucumber plant is starting to dry up. Any advice?


Sarah naps for about 2 to 2.5 hours so I normally blog while watching The Chew.


After nap, Sarah and I usually eat a snack while watching an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This afternoon we had homemade air-popped popcorn.


After the show we headed outside for a bike ride.


Sarah spotted a her favorite flower, a dandelion! After she finds one she will often say, “Mom let’s blow it together!”


We were invited to our friends house for dinner so that meant we could play outside longer since I didn’t have to cook dinner. We showered and got dressed.

Sarah wanted to take a selfie before heading out!


Hope you had a great 10th!

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[…] Check out last month’s post here. […]

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