Baby Announcement

Now that our closest friends and family know and I’m already sporting a baby bump, we are happy to announce that Sarah is going to be a big sister!!!


We are very thankful to be able to to go through this journey again and thank g-d for this wonderful miracle growing inside my belly.

Here is Sarah with our first ultrasound picture.


She is so excited about becoming a big sister! So much that she has already spilled the beans to a few friends of ours. The cutest thing is when she tells people she has a baby inside her belly too. Got to love how the toddlers brain works!

So far this pregnancy has been difficult. I’m constantly nauseous and very very tired. I’m on prescription medication for my nausea, but it’s not really helping. I started to be feel better after 11 weeks, but it came back a few days later. 

Cravings: Hot soup (even though it’s been in the high 90’s and 100’s the past few weeks!) and Cesar salad

Aversions: Ground beef

Baby is as big as a: Large plum (2.5 in, .5 oz)

Countdown: 27 weeks, 3 days left

I’m almost 13 weeks along and despite all my difficulties my blood work and screenings has came back normal.

So come late April (or earlier like Sarah) we will welcome our 4th member of the family. #2

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Clarissa Riggio

Congrats Sharon!!

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