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Garden {2017}

After growing our own fruits and vegetables last year we knew we wanted to do it again.

We headed to the nursery for our plants.This year we had a better game plan so we were in and out within a few minutes. We stopped by these awesome looking egg shaped swings. Ahhh! I want one!

We cleaned up the patio, prepped the garden box and planted our new crop.

Can’t wait to see what the crop will be like this year.

Disneyland {2017}

On Sarah’s birthday last year she asked us to go to Disneyland for her birthday. So this year on her 6th birthday we went to Anaheim for a little 3 day vacation.

Had this little sticker made here.

Day 1 – Hotel

Our family moves a bit slow in the mornings. So in order to get a full day at Disneyland we decided to add an extra day to our trip. This way we could have a an early start on Disneyland day. We checked in, got settled and headed to the pool.The kiddos loved spending the afternoon hanging out by the pool. We cleaned up and drove down the street to dinner at El Torito. We had fun playing with the bull crowns while we waited for dinner. Me and the birthday girl!

We headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

Day 2 – Disneyland

The day started with our family tradition of a doughnut, candle and a birthday song.

We got dressed and started our day. Our first ride of the day was the rocket ships in Fantasyland.

The rest of the day we went through the park stopping at whatever ride the kids wanted to do.    We stopped for lunch and then split up so Jacob could take a nap. I put my feet up and enjoyed the break. Jacob was on hour two of nap so we decided to meet up and explore some more. Snacking while brother is asleep. ;) Just as we were getting in line to ride the carousel, we bumped into our neighbors. How random!!    We hung out with our neighbor some more and did a couple rides. Jacob was not a fan. :( We took a break from rides and just walked around a bit. We came across the castle and had a little photo shoot with princess Sarah! We did a few more rides and then sat down for dinner and the electric light parade. It was such a fun and magical day!

As we are leaving, Jacob throws up all over him self and the stroller (which was borrowed from my friend). Eek!

Day 3 – CA Adventure

We started our day with a meet and greet with Mickey!Our first show of the day and probably our favorite was the Disney Jr Live show. It was super interactive and lot’s of fun!Then we did the unthinkable. We waited in a line for over an hour to meet Anna, Elsa and the crew. They took a lot of time with each guest and Sarah had a huge smile the whole time, but ugh what a long line. The next area was one our favorite lands, Bugs Land.

While Jacob napped hubby and I took turns riding rides with Sarah. Our other favorite area was the Cars Land. Jacob loves Mater and McKeen (McQueen) as does our whole family. I wish I had the camera on him when he woke up and realized he was in Radiator Springs. The pure excitement was too cute!As we were walking down the street all of a sudden DJ turned on and dancers started to appear. They called on the kids and sure enough miss Sarah joined the crowd. We walked around some more and stopped to take pictures with some of the cars from the movie. We went back to Bugs Land so that Jacob could go on some of the rides. Sarah was super excited about the first ride, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. This was the only ride she could sit next to her brother. The Little Mermaid ride was super cute. Brought back a lot of childhood memories. There were a few rides Jacob was too short to ride on. So hubby took advantage of ride share while J and I played and rode some rides.  Our last ride of the night was Radiator Springs Racers which had a THREE HOUR wait!!!

So crazy! Luckily we got to use a ride share pass and only waited 30 minutes each.

It was fast, a bit scary, but surprisingly Sarah loved it. Even though she doesn’t look like it in this picture. It was way past our bed time and we were ready to crash. A quick little one hour ride back and we were home in our beds. It was fun Disney, but phew I’m exhausted. Until next time.

Jacob is 2

My little man is 2 years old!

Jacob is super cuddly, loves to snuggle in bed, gives the best hugs, is a great eater, sleeps anywhere, loves his mama BIG time and says the sweetest I luh you (I love you) I have ever heard.

Jacob’s 2 year old stats:

Weight: 25 lbs (16%)

Height: 46 inches (51%)

Clothing Size: He still fits into 12-18 months clothing, but has recently started wearing 18-24 month clothes due to lengths.

Diaper Size: size 4

Food: Jacob loves milk! He will request milk in a sippy cup several times a day. He loves all type of foods, but will only eat 1-2 meals a day. He will sit at the table while you and just play. He is just not a 3 meals kind of guy.

Sleeping: Jacob naps once a day for 2-3 hours. He wakes up around 7:30 am. He falls alsleep most days in the car. And I just about melt every time I see those long lashed on his cheeks. Luckily Jacob can be transferred into his crib and even the stroller if we are not ready to go home. He even slept through two noisy days in Disneyland!

The only catch is he NEEDS to have his Aden + Anais bunny to fall sleep.

Milestones: Jacob uses his scooter like a pro. He is constantly trying to copy the big kids in the neighborhood.

For a minute there we were worried about his speech. However a few weeks ago he started saying a TON of words. Now he says new words everyday. Here are some of the funny ones.

Likes: He LOVES trains, trucks and cars. He plays with them, stacks them, rides on them and talks about them all day long.

We even had a “Choo Choo I’m Two” birthday party for him! 

He is very affectionate. He runs up to you at random and asks for a hug or kiss.

He always asks to hold my “and” (hand), even if it’s just a short distance.    

If something drops on the floor, he asks me for a wipe so he can “queen” (clean).

He loves tools! When daddy works on a project he always asks to help.He absolutely adore his big sister (unless she’s touched his choo choo and cars). 

Dislikes: He doesn’t like sitting in a highchair or even a booster. He wants to sit like us in a regular chair. Even at a restaurant.

Jacob doesn’t like bugs. If Sarah bring over a rolly polly or daddy shows him a lizard he hides.

Jacob doesn’t like when his hands are dirty. His sister however can’t keep her hands clean.

Jacob and I spend a lot of one on one time together while big sis, Sarah is at school. He’s my little shopping buddy and even comes to lunch dates with my friends.

We attend two weekly mommy and me programs. One is with our synagogue and the other is with our mommy group friends.  Here are some of our favorite pictures of Jacob at this age.  

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Sarah turns 6!

Sarah is 6 years old!   Sarah is messy, spirited, silly and could live outside in a sleeping bag if we would let her. She loves bugs and playing in the mud. She prefers her hair loose and dresses her self on school days. She is a complete mess, but she’s my first born, my little girl and my perfect 6 year old.

It was a big year for Sarah! She started kindergarten, got glasses and lost a couple of teeth!

Sarah loves being the big sister (unless he’s touched her Shopkins). She likes to tell everyone she meets that she has a baby brother. She loves bringing him on her muddy adventures, but he just prefers to watch her.Her birthday started with our traditional doughnut and candle in bed. This time the bed was in a hotel room.

Last year we promised her we would go to Disney for her birthday. So this year we spent her actual birthday at Disneyland.

A few days before, hubby, Jacob and I went to her classroom for her class birthday celebration. The teacher crowned Sarah and hubby read a book. We rounded out the celebrations with a small Shopkins birthday party in the neighborhood.

Last year we started a new tradition and asked Sarah for a few of her favorite things. Here is what she said.

Favorite color: blue and pink

Favorite show: Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie Dreamhouse

Favorite sweat treat: Reese’s

Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo

Favorite vegetable: Avocado

Favorite fruit: Apples and strawberries

Favorite thing to do outside: Hang out with my friends Jules and Tessa

Favorite to do inside: Watch a show on the iPad and play with Shopkins

Happy 6th birthday my sweet love! Have courage and be kind.

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Sarah turns 1!

Sarah turns 2!

Sarah turns 3!

Sarah turns 4!

Sarah turns 5!

Sarah turns 5!

Sarah turns 5!

Her birthday started with our traditional doughnut and candle in bed.Then I took her to the Mall for some one on one time with my girly. A few months prior we heard that if you come to the Disney store on your birthday you get a pin AND get your name on the screen. She had so much fun! Next year I promised her we would go to Disney on her birthday.

Later in the day we went out for her birthday dinner. Just like previous years Sarah asked to go to sushi for dinner.

A few days before hubby, Jacob and I went to read a book and celebrate her birthday at school. We were asked not to bring anything sweet so I made banana muffins for the kids. We also celebrated her birthday with a Superheroes birthday party at the park.See more party pictures here.

I decided to start a new tradition and ask Sarah for a few of her favorite things. Here is what she said.

Favorite color: Rainbow

Favorite movie: Minion and Frozen

Favorite sweat treat: Popsicle and ice cream

Favorite food: Mac & cheese cups (the other ones take to long to make)

Favorite vegetable: cucumbers

Favorite fruit: raspberries and blueberries

Favorite thing to do outside: go on the tree swing

Favorite to do inside: play with figurines

Happy 5th birthday my sweet love!

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Sarah turns 4!

Scariest Moment

It has been 48 hours since I experienced the scariest moment of my life.

I was in Michaels getting a few last minute things for the birthday girl. Jacob wanted a snack, but it was close to lunch time so I said no. We left the store, put our bags in our car and made our way to the restaurant to the corner of the plaza. It was too busy so I opted to go across the street for some fast food instead. Jacob was getting whiny so I picked him up and waited for our turn to cross.

All four sections came to a stop. We started to walk on the crosswalk and then,


I’ve been hit?

Now I don’t know what has hit me, but I felt it. I felt something. Something big. Something hard.

Then all of a sudden life froze. I felt g-d’s presence. Hold him. Squeeze him. Hold him tight. Don’t let go…

I opened my eyes and saw that I was laying on the pavement.

I let out a loud cry while I squeezed Jacob.

I looked up and saw faces.

So many faces, asking me questions. So so many faces. I can hear them, but I can’t speak. I’m in some kind of fog. “Are you ok? Is the baby ok? Can you move? Are you hurt? Oh no, he’s bleeding! Someone call 911 quick!!”

He’s bleeding?

I looked at him and saw the blood dripping down his mouth. I squeezed my baby and just started crying uncontrollably.

I can’t seem to catch my breath. My body aches in so many different places, my hands are numb, my head is swirling, my thoughts are all mixed up.

I looked down and saw that I was in the middle of the street. I was no longer on the crosswalk. My shoe is off, my leg won’t move, my arm is throbbing and my baby, my baby boy is bleeding. I wrap my hands around his little head and kiss him.

I can’t stop kissing him.

I started to look around. I tried to make sense of what just happened.

I looked over and saw her. I saw her sitting in her car. I started to scream, “YOU HIT ME! YOU JUST HIT US! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU JUST HIT US!!!!”

I’m so mad.

My heart is beating faster. I’m crying. I can’t stop crying.

Someone is squeezing my hand. My blood starts to rush back to my fingers and I can focus on the people surrounding me.

All those faces are becoming clearer. I can hear their questions now, “Are you ok? The ambulance is on their way! Here’s some ice. Can you move your leg? I saw what happened. She hit you! She hit you and your precious baby.”

I can’t stop crying. I can’t make sense of my words. And then finally they ask me, “Is there someone we can call for you?”

I said, “yes my husband”. They reach for my phone and the rest of my belongings that fell out of my backpack pocket, “Is this your phone?”

I think quickly, find his number under favorites and call him, “I’ve been hit and I need you to come here!”

The people around me ask if I can walk. I say yes. I mean I think I can.

I give Jacob to a complete stranger and try to get up.

I let out a loud scream and fall back down. Two people help me back up as I limp to the sidewalk. They sit me down, bring Jacob over, give me ice and set my things next to me.

I’m sobbing uncontrollably, Jacob is still crying and then a boy approaches me out of nowhere and says, “I saw that. I saw you. The  Lord was with you. He was with you. I wanted to come here to let you know how blessed you are.” And then walks away. I look back down and a sweet lady is holding my hand. It’s going to be ok. You are ok. I’m a nurse. I’m here for you.

I look up and I a firefighter. He asks me questions, but I can’t understand him. He takes my blood pressure on the painful arm and I start to scream. They move the cuff to my other arm while asking me more questions.

Hubby arrives and I put Jacob down. He runs to his daddy and I let out a loud cry.

She hit me. She hit us!

The ambulance arrives and takes my blood pressure and oxygen. They tell me that I need to go to the hospital. They put me on a bed, hubby hands Jacob back to me and the ambulance drives us to the nearest hospital.

The first responder asks me a bunch of questions, but I can’t stop crying. I can’t believe I was hit. I was hit by a car. My baby and I were hit by a car and we didn’t die. Thank you g-d. Thank you!!!

Hubby meets us there. They check Jacob. He’s ok. He has two cuts on his tongue from the impact. He probably hit my shoulder,  he never hit the floor. The cuts will heal on their own. He’s ok.

They check me, my blood pressure is high, my temperature is high and I am asked to take deep breaths.

I get rolled into the scan room were they take what felt like 50 scans of my body.

I’m rolled back into my room. The ER doctor says the best news he could possibly tell me, “you don’t have any broken bones. You have several abrasions and scratches, but you are going to be fine.”

Thank you g-d. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I’m ok. I’m going to be ok.

They check my vitals once more and then release me.

I’m ok. I’m going to be ok.

It has been 48 hours since the scariest moment of my life.

I’m sore and bruised. I’m achy. My back hurts and my neck hurts. I’m very lethargic. But I’m going to be ok.

Thank you g-d!!!

Thank you for watching me and giving me the strength to hold my baby and to not let go. Thank you for taking care of my body. But most of all thank you for giving me more time with my baby.

The doctors and medical team on the scene said if I wasn’t cradling him like I did, he wouldn’t have had the same outcome.

Thank you. Thank you for giving me more time with my baby.

Show & Tell Tuesday – Kids Parties

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Kids Parties.

Sarah’s 1st Birthday – Sesame StreetThis birthday part was my introduction to kids birthday parties. As a wedding and event planner I dreamed about planning my kids birthday party one day. I was super excited to bring Sarah’s favorite character (at the time) to life.   I even took a class just so I could make her birthday party cake. Sarah’s 2nd Birthday – Minnie Mouse This is when the crazy started. I made homemade goldfish AND homemade fruit snacks. I made centerpieces for every table and made my own decorations. I spent hours making cupcake toppers and a baby trail mix as favors. I basically lost my mind. However, I think this was the prettiest party she had.

Sarah’s 3rd Birthday – Doc McStuffins

This was a fun party to host. I got a little Pinterest happy and made a ton of things. Sarah’s 4th Birthday – Frozen

After watching Frozen in the theater I knew we needed to do a Frozen themed birthday party. We surprised Sarah with a visit from Elsa!

I was super pregnant with Jacob so I didn’t go Pinterest crazy this time, but we did do a few things. Sarah’s 5th/Jacob’s 1st Birthday – Superheroes

With the kids birthday date so close we decided to combine birthdays this year.

I even had a custom cape made for the birthday girl!

Sarah’s 6th Birthday will be in Disneyland this year. We are so excited!

However miss social wanted a little neighborhood party. Thanks to Pinterest I have too many ideas already.These type of parties might stress people out, but I truly enjoy it. When Sarah says things like, “this is the best day ever!” I know I’ve accomplished something and to me her joy matters most.

I also like making a Shutterfly book for each of their birthday parties. Sarah will randomly sit and look at them and point to what she loved about each party. Happy Tuesday!

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