Lunch Bunch

When my kids were younger I used to make them little cute lunches, but now that my work schedule is picking up I don’t have as much time. Thanks to @lunchbunch I can get back to cute homemade lunches for my kids. Check out the menu we received!

Eggcelent Breakfast
Peachy Keen
Galaxy Grub

My kids dove right into the Galaxy Grub!

Everything was packed so cute! I almost didn’t want to touch them.

Both kids brought their Lunch Brunch to camp and got a lot of great remarks. One of my kids even messaged me asking what this lunch my kids went to camp with was all about.

Thankfully my friends over at Lunch Bunch gave me a code SHARON30 to get 30% off new your first order.

We chose a plant based menu due to our kosher restrictions but they have other great options to choose from! Check out their menu here.

How dies it work?

Step 1: Select Your Meal Plan

Choose the right meal plan for your kiddos’ lunchtime needs! Perfect for preschool and elementary aged children, 3-meal plans are available now with 5, 7, and 10 meal plans coming soon. Order by Wednesday for delivery on Sunday!

Step 2: Get Them Delivered

Meals will be delivered to your door once or twice a week depending on the size of your plan. 3-meal plans will receive deliveries on Sunday while plans with 5+ weekly meals will receive deliveries on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The meals are kept in temperature controlled bags, and customers will receive notifications so they are aware that the meals are on the way! Routes are optimized to minimize our carbon footprint.

Step 3: Watch Them Enjoy

Watch your littles light up as they enjoy playful character scenes made especially for them. Sit back and revel in this first—a no-fuss lunch that’s almost too fun to eat, but too fresh to resist.

Thank you Lunch Bunch for making fun lunches that are yummy too!

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