Construction Birthday Party

Every year, after the holidays we start talking about the kids birthday parties. With both of the kids birthdays in the spring they come up kind of quick. This year my little man said he wanted a construction themed birthday party. After missing out on a birthday party last year, this mama got to work and put together a covid friendly birthday party for our soon to be 6 year old!

I kept it kind of simple.

I ordered this two tier cake from our local Von’s grocery store. I found the design on Pinterest and our grocery store was able to bring it to life.

Also on the table were 2×4’s as wafers (I found at the Dollar Store), graham crackers as Plywood, mandarin oranges as Wrecking Balls and thin pretzels as Nails. I put all snacks in these yellow containers that I borrowed from a friend. They can also be found at Home Depot here.

I also had Rice Krispie treats dipped in white chocolate to look like wet paint brushes.

By the large safety cones I had Bugels as Safety Cones and Chex Mix as Nuts and Bolts.

For lunch the kids, Jacob requested hot dogs, corn on the cob and chips. I bought Lays to tie in with the color theme. Plates, cups, and safety cone hats (from Target). I placed his tool chest as a center piece.

For drinks we made a fuel station of lemonade and water bottles (not pictured).

We decorated the front yard with cones (from Dollar Tree) and caution tape (from Target).

The party favors were construction vehicles and a tag that read, “Thanks for coming, It was LOADS of fun!”

Our activities were water play, paint your own Tonka trucks and a candy avalanche from the pinata!

Happy 6th birthday my love!

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