Snowflake’s 2nd Birthday

One year ago we were stuck at home in the middle of Covid. I was on Facebook when someone posted on my Buy Nothing group that they were moving and couldn’t take their bunny with them. I messaged my hubby and within a few hours we surprised our bunny loving 5 year old with his very own bunny.

The kids named him Snowflake. He is a one year old American White male.

(Shortly after this picture was taken we learned carrots are like candy for bunny’s and should only be given in moderation.)

We love our bunny, Snowflake or Snowy as the kids sometimes call him. We have brought him camping, taken him for walks and snuggled with him in our beds.

This past weekend we celebrated his adoption date! Since we don’t know his actual birthday, we have since changed this day to his birthday. Either way we are celebrating our little fur ball.

To celebrate our furry little guy we had a lunch in his honor.

The kids even picked out a gift for him from the pet store.

We grabbed some party gear (thanks Target spring clearance!) and set the table for the big birthday party.

For lunch we had bunny shaped baked mac & cheese cups, dried carrot chips, cotton tails cheese balls, carrot goldfish and for dessert, carrot cupcakes.

The kids cooked, baked and prepped all the food.

We even had an edible centerpiece for the birthday boy!

After we ate the kids played pinata! The kids said it looked like Snowy, but then felt bad hitting it. So we just took the candy out and saved the pinata as a decoration.

Happy 2nd birthday Snowflake! We love you!

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