Show & Tell Tuesday: Resolutions


Hello Tuesday! It’s time for Show and Tell Tuesdays!

This week we are discussing…Introductions and Resolutions.

Hi! I’m Sharon and I’m a stay-at-home mama to two kiddos and a hardworking husband.

 IMG_0385 - fav Sarah is almost 5 and Jacob is almost 1 (their birthdays are 10 days apart).

DSC06712I love being a mom, blogging, cooking, eating and entertaining. In my free time I like watching reality TV and surfing Pinterest for new recipes and craft ideas. I also love Starbucks and red wine.

I started a part time job last November that I’m trying to fit into my life. It’s been a struggle trying to find the time, but I’m committed so I’ll figure it out.

My family is everything to me. I would be lost with out their love and support. familyIMG_0538My sisters are my best friends. They live in Florida which makes it really hard for me. I miss them so much!


My mom is the best!! We talk everyday. If she can’t reach me for more then 24 hours she gets worried.   FamFriendPro86My mommy group is also really important to me. I live in So Cal with out any family near by (my in laws live an hour away), so I am constantly leaning on them for support.IMG_1318 - group w:paci These girls are the best!

As for 2016 resolutions…I don’t really have any.

I have monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. If I don’t complete them in time, I just move them to the next list ;)

Happy Tuesday :)

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