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I’ve shared some of my Amazon favorites here and here. I’ve also shared some of my favorite Amazon Gifts here.

After talking to my family about my next post, my hubby said why don’t you call it “Sharon Shares”! I love brainstorming with them.

Sharon Shares - Home

This time I’m going to share things in the Home. I’ll keep adding on to this list, so make sure to bookmark this page.

After last years stay at home orders and over a year of doing virtual learning at home, my house was swimming in chargers, chords and electronics. I finally found two great gadgets to fix my problems. One is for our computers, it’s actually a metal file sorter that fits 3 computers, an iPad and 2 headphones! It’s been working so well!

Computer holder can be found here.

Another favorite is this phone and smaller device station. It fits 6 phones and/or can be changed to fit larger wide items by removing the clear dividers. Genius! Even if I’m not charging it, this has become my drop off phone station so that way I always know where to find it.

Charging Station can be found here.

In California it seems everyone carries there own reusable water bottle. Additionally it’s required for school and camp. So I got this Water Bottle Organizer that fits perfectly in my cabinets. Easy for the kids to grab and easy way to store them.

Water Bottle Organizer can be found here.

Looking for new sheets? Then check these out! They are super soft, wash easy and come in lot’s of colors.

1500 Thread Count Egyptian Sheets can be found here.

I love lists! They remind me what I need, what I need to tackle today and what items I’m missing in the kitchen. I got this 6 pack of Magnetic Fridge Notepads. They are bright and cheerful, which makes my list less daunting.

Magnetic Fridge Notepads can be found here.

Most of our Summer is spent at the beach, Concerts at the Park or on an outdoor adventure. We recently bought this to carry our food and fell in love! It has lots of compartments, fits our large water bottles and is comfortable to wear as a backpack. The front pocket is also large. I put my plates and napkins there.

Lightweight Backpack Cooler can be found here.

Between leaving my Phone Charger Cord at hotels or breaking them I decided it was time to find well made phone charger cords. I found these durable braided cords and haven’t looked back. It comes with 2 so I have one for travel and one by my nightstand.

Phone Charger Cord can be found here.

My kids are not big fan of brushing their teeth. They either forget to or don’t do a great job. A friend recommended this toothpaste and its solved a lot of problems. They are motivated to brush their teeth because it’s fun, when it’s time for me to check they can’t hide “evidence” and it’s also a teeth whitening toothpaste with activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal toothpaste can be found here.

I love making signs for events and special home activities, but my handwriting is not my favorite. I recently got this black felt letter board sign that I love. My 10 year old likes to use it too by leaving me sweet messages. She recently made this for my blog.

Black Felt Letter Board can be found here.

I have very sensitive eyes, so even when it’s cloudy you will find me in sunglasses. Since I wear them so often I have different ones for different seasons. I was finding myself storing them in random containers and forgetting about what I have until I found this gem. It holds up to 15 sunglasses and I can see all of them at once.

Sunglasses holder here.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll keep adding on to this list, so make sure to bookmark this page.

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