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I’ve always loved going on adventures, but during Covid it really hit me how important the memories I made traveling compared to all the things sitting around the house.

That’s why as soon as covid restrictions lifted, I made it my mission to travel more and buy less stuff. Just last year we traveled internationally twice, flew/drove to 6 locations and we even went on a camping trip! With all our travels I often get asked what is in my travel gear in our photos. Therefore I’ve complied a list of my favorite travel gear. Be sure to come back as I’ll update this last often.


I used to put all of our things in one suitcase and dig around when I needed to find a piece of clothing. Now I have all my things in packing cubes. I bought a seperate color for each family member. That way it’s easy to find, saves us space and is a great way to keep organized while traveling. Tip: I take our packing cubes out of the suitcase and place them into hotel drawers for easy organization. Who else unpacks when traveling?

My packing cubes here. Family packing cubes here.

I used to put my shoes in grocery bags, but now that I’ve become a better traveler I put my shoes (and my families) in these shoe bags. Once again every family member has their own color. These eco friendly reusable shoe bags are a great way to store your shoes and keep dirty/wet shoes separated.

Shoe bags here.

This toiletry bag is a life saver! I can carry all of our family toiletries here and hang it for easy use. It comes in multiple colors, has lots of zippers and pockets and

Toiletry bag here.

I have a few products I can’t live without. Additionally not all products come in travel size. To fix this problem I get a set of these bottles. These leak proof, refillable containers are great!

Containers here.

I like to accessorize with jewelry, especially when I am going on a beach/pool vacation. This jewelry bag is a must! It holds all of my bracelets, earrings and even necklaces. Each pocket has it’s own zipper so no more untangling needed at your arrival.

Jewelry bag here.

Traveling with my family means we make a lot of dirty laundry. In order to be organized while traveling I got this super light pop up laundry basket. It folds flat and keeps dirty clothes away from our clean clothes. Win win!

Laundry basket here.

Have anything else to add? Please comment below.

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