September {2013}

After our busy August, I was determined to slow down in September. But after a quick look at our calendar, I was reminded of the 4 Jewish holidays that were soon approaching.

Our September started with a Labor Day picnic and concert at the park with my mommy group friends.

IMG_9683 1352866_10201261372730289_323257623_o The following day, Sarah and I attended her school orientation. We got to meet the teacher, sign up for events/tasks, and a run down of what school will be like this year.

IMG_0021The following week Sarah and I started our first day of school. I’m really enjoying the one day a week I get to take “off”. It’s been a nice breather :)

IMG_9881Jewish holiday #1, Erev Rosh Hashanah started off our weekend. After a family mix up we ended up spending the holiday with our sweet friends (and ex-USYer’s). They took us in and graciously hosted us on the first night of Rosh Hashanah. Thank you Sigel family for the scrumptious meal. Means so much to us that we’ve remained friends thought out the years. The second night was hosted by The Bitrisky Family.

IMG_9732We attended two birthday parties this month. One weekend we celebrated Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday at the Splash Pad.IMG_9804The following weekend we celebrated Rogan’s 3rd birthday at the park.

537977_10153259310625571_32076381_nI attended the monthly Mommy’s Night Out as we celebrated Sarah’s birthday. Such a fun night!!IMG_9817Gma joined us in the pool for one the last time as summer ends.

IMG_9842Our good friend Liza and family invited Sarah and I to the Dodger’s game one night.

644011_10201833798548660_2079357902_nSarah and I started another transitional preschool program at the local synagogue.

photoHoliday #2, Yom Kippur, was luckily uneventful.

Holiday #3, Sukkot, was spent at the Levine’s. The rest of the holiday was spent on our vacation to Florida.

Holiday #4, Simchat Torah, was also spent in Florida.

We celebrated a lot of great birthdays this month. My sister Oshrat, Rebeztin Leah, my cousin Morris and the birth of baby Ravi!

There were also great anniversaries to celebrate this month. Our best friend’s Shira and Joe and my grandparents celebrated this month.

Needless to say, this month was packed to the brim! As much as I love being busy and attending events, I’m worn out!! Not only is this blog post super late, but I think our schedule is too packed. I’m really going to stop taking on projects and say no to more things. Here’s to relaxing month.

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