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After watching an inspiring Tupperware documentary on PBS (watch it HERE), I’ve been obsessed with hosting my own Tupperware party.

tupperware partyA Google search located consultants in my area who helped me get started with my first event. I started by inviting my friends.

After seeing the consultant’s live demonstration, I was really excited! The colors and variations of these plastics were really great. I hadn’t realized how many Tupperware products my mom used (and still uses). There were so many I wanted to buy.

t set upUnfortunately, my first party was a big flop! Three friends cancelled the morning of the party and only two attended. I was pretty bummed. However I did get some great freebies for hosting!

After the party, both the consultant and my friend Torrie suggested I become a consultant. However, with the horrible turnout, I was not interested in pursuing it.

A few days later, my consultant called to check in and to see if I had any more orders. With no additional orders to give her, she mentioned that they didn’t have any reps for my area.

After some thought and discussions with my hubby, I decided to go for it! I’ve been trying to find a way to earn some money that would also allow me to remain a stay-at-home-mom to our 2 1/2 year old. Plus they didn’t have a rep in my area. I would at least be available to take those orders.

It’s been fun! I’ve attended two team meetings, put together a fundraiser for Sarah’s school, and signed up for next months Holiday Boutique.

tupperware lady

Want to host a party and get free stuff like I did? Then please contact me for more information.

Not interested in hosting a party, but want to order online? Visit my website for the full catalog and current specials.

Questions about any of the products? Please email me at sharon @ mamachitchat.com

To kick off my Tupperware business and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m giving away FOUR pink Tupperware containers to my readers.

photoTo enter for your chance to win, simply subscribe to my blog and comment below letting me know you did so.

Giveaway ends at midnight on 10/31/13

Thank you for your support with this new adventure!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update: Congratulations Sara D you won the giveaway! Please contact me for details.

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I want pink tuperware!!! Pick me pick me pick me!

Stacee Anderson Baker

Your awesome!:) I love pink!

Sara Daniel

Leah would love these :) Subscribed!

Melissa Bloom

WHAT how did I miss this???? I just ordered i should win because I placed an order (a nice one too:) JK

katie vangeem

So great. Good luck with the tupperware sales!

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