Sarah’s 11th Birthday!

When Covid first hit we had already sent birthday invites and got things organized for Sarah’s 9th birthday party. Unfortunately we had to cancel that but were hopeful we could recreate it for 10th. But then for her 10th birthday things were still unknown so we had a drive thru “party”. Finally, this year we were ready to celebrate her birthday with friends and a party.

Sarah picked a spa theme and wanted it to be a sleepover. So I contacted Stephanie over at Sleepover Under The Stars to help with the tents.

Each tent came with frame, mattress, sheets, pillows, tray, flowers, lantern, paper flowers, twinkle lights and banner. I wish I had a photo of Sarah when she first saw it all set up.

In the dining room we had the spa set up.

Each girl got a tub filled with green tea masks, flip slops, nail polish, sugar scrub ingredients and flowers.

When guests arrived they munched on cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches while they worked on decorating their flip flops.

We tried to make it feel like a spa by putting on spa music on the Alexa and setting water bottles and towels for them to grab when needed.

We also included pink wafers that looked like nail files and cotton candy that looked like loofahs.

We also spotted this easy nail polish treat on Pinterest. It’s a tootsie roll on top with a toothpick inserted into a marshmallow. So fun and easy!

After the girls finished their flip flops we made a sugar scrub. I found the mini containers in the dollar tree. I pre-measured sprinkles and glitter in each container. The girls dumped the sprinkles and glitter into their bags of sugar (1/2 cup). Then they added melted coconut oil (2 tbsp) and essential oil. Sarah picked Carmel scented oil. They mixed everything in their baggie and put half of it back into the containers and the other half were used for their foot spa.

Next up was face masks and cucumber slices. The girls thought the cucumbers were funny and could stop laughing.

For dinner Sarah wanted to make cheese fondue.

For dessert Sarah didn’t want a traditional cake, but instead she wanted cheesecake.

Her friends are the sweetest!

The girls settled in their tents to watch a movie and I headed upstairs for a bit.

The girls stayed up way to late and woke up way to early for this mama, but I was ready to go with a fruit parfait bar that they could eat when they were ready to eat.

Thank you for helping us celebrate Sarah’s 11th birthday!

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