Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

By now you’ve seen Sarah’s Doc McStuffins Birthday Party on Facebook so now here is a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together!

The Venue & Setting Up

The previous years we’ve rented out a club house for her birthday party, but after what happened last year I decided Sarah needed less attention and more space. That’s also why we decided to make it a party just for her friends. We have a lot of loving family members, but with such a large mommy group we needed to split the celebrations.

This year the party was held at our favorite park. It’s gated and the bathroom was close by. Two requirements for a bunch of active 3 year olds.


I really tried to do a more relaxing birthday theme this year. However I still couldn’t help do some fun Pinterest things.

As you walked into the park you were greeted with a the “Doc is in” sign.

Doc McStuffins Party: The Doc is in!

I once again bought a giant scene setter from Party City to take pictures of our friends. However, this time I only took a few pictures of our friends in front of the scene setter. Last year I managed to get all 24 guests in front of the scene setter!!

My friend Erin C once again made some really fun items that made the party come together.

Doc McStuffins Party: Time For Your Check Up SIgnDoc McStuffins Party: Toy Clinic


This year my focus was a dessert table. I found a bunch of cute Doc McStuffins themed things on Pinterest that didn’t take to much time to put together.

Doc McStuffins Party: Dessert TableDoc McStuffins Party: Dessert Table

Lambie Tails: small marshmallows

Doc McStuffins Party: Lambie Tails

Toy Stuffing: cotton candy

Doc McStuffins Party: Toy Stuffing

Cotton Balls: big marshmallows

Doc McStuffins Party: Cotton Ball Marsmallows

A Kiss for your Boo Boos: Hershey kisses

Doc McStuffins Party: A Kiss for your Boo Boos

An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doc Away: apple slices

Doc McStuffins Party: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doc Away

Band Aids: wafers with pink heart icing

Doc McStuffins Party: Band AidsDoc McStuffins Party: Band Aids

Say Ah Pretzel Rods: pretzel rods

Doc McStuffins Party: Say Ah Pretzel Rods

Chilly Juice: pink lemonade

Doc McStuffins Party: Chilly Juice

Lunch included pizza and three different type of salads.

Doc McStuffins: Food


Cupcakes: vanilla and chocolate bases with colored (thanks to all the Easter/spring colors) frosting. To complete these cupcakes I added Doc and her friends to toothpicks and inserted them in random cupcakes.

Doc McStuffins Party: Cupcakes

Doc McStuffins Party


Other then having the park to play with I made a check up station for the kids to give their toy a check up. Each guest was given their very own Big Book of Boo Boos to complete their toys check up.


Doc McStuffins: Check up station

Sarah’s Outfit

I left early that morning to prep the park for the day, so hubby was in charge. Let’s just say Sarah was having one of her moody mornings and hubby was not interested in fighting the battle. Therefore Sarah came to the party dressed in a t-shirt and skirt (her back up outfit encase she got to hot/dirty in her birthday outfit)

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.00.19 PMDoc McStuffins Party

Thank you to all of our friends for attending. We are so very blessed!

Group shot

I also wanted to thank my wonderful friend, Liza for all the help and support. Love you mama!


It was great day! The park turned out to be a good choice. Most importantly Sarah had a lovely day! Happy 3rd birthday baby girl!

Doc McStuffins Party: Scene Setter

Until next year, the Doc is out.

IMG_6957 - the doc is out

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Michal ema Benson

Such a great job Sharon! I am sorry i couldent be there. Love you Ema.


Sharon I love it! You are awesome– Sarah is lucky to have such a caring and creative mom!!

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