Ruptured Eardrum

A few weeks ago I had really bad teeth pain. Then I came down with a really bad cold. After I was finally able to breath through one nostril, I went to see the dentist. Thankfuly my dentsits said it was just nerve pain and no cavities were found. A few hours later the nerve pain got worse and the left side of my face became numb! As I ran to Urgent Care my tongue started getting numb too. I started freaking out!

Of coarse Urgent Care was super packed so I sat there with a numb face and tongue for over an hour before anyone saw me! Freaking out from the weird feeling in my face I started to Google my symptoms. With in a few seconds, I put the phone down as what I read and saw was making me more scared.

Finally inside with the nurse, I noticed I couldn’t hear her really well. I wasn’t able to hear really well the past few weeks due to all the congestion and the popping from blowing my nose, but all of a sudden I really noticed it.

After the nurse checked my vitals she told me that my numb side was swollen.

Freaking out even more now, I contacted hubby and my family. I sitting in this room, alone and with no clue what the hell is happening to me.

The doctor finally comes in and checks on me.

Impatiently waiting, I ask her, “So what is it?”

She tells me I’ve ruptured my eardrum. With a confused look on my face, I repeated what she just said, “I’ve ruptured my eardrum? Huh?”

She goes on to explain that because I blew my nose for a long period of time and because I blew so hard (hubby did warn me!), I literally tore a hole in my @#$%ing eardrum! Seriously!!! Who does that???

Here is an illustration of what happened to me.


Thank g-d it was just an eardrum and not something super serious. Lord knows I thought it was bad and counted on him for a speedy recovery.

The doctor told me it would heal by itself, but that it could take a FEW WEEKS to a MONTH! Ya I panicked too when she said it could take that long. I also couldn’t get it wet and some other household things. Upon leaving the doctor’s office I was given antibiotics in case the wound would become infected and “take Tylenol for pain” routine. I went home confused how an eardrum could cause that much drama and PAIN.

A few weeks later, I can finally say my hearing is all back and I no longer have any nerve pain.


Tip: Don’t blow your nose for too long and too hard or you’ll have some crazy tear in your eardrum and lose hearing until it’s repaired. Ugh, I can’t believe that actually happened to me!


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