Funley’s Snacks

My family and I recently attended a fun event where I won the yummiest raffle ever!

Funley's Snacks

Yup, I won all of these Funley’s snacks!

We were so excited that we had to immediately rip open each flavor for immediate sampling. DELICIOUS, each and every one.

Thanks to this awesome raffle prize, our snack drawer is completely full, but not for long!

IMG_9250 - drawer

Not only are Funley’s snacks delicious they are also 100% natural, have NO Preservatives, NO Trans Fats, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup and NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING! Their snacks are also Kosher and School Compliant.  

We received two different kind of snacks: Super Snacks and Wholly Granolly Clusters.

Funley's Snacks

Their Super Snacks have a “Super Food veggie” hidden inside…

Broccoli in the Cheddar ‘n Stuff

Carrots and Tomatoes in the Pizza ‘n Stuff

Spinach in the Ranch ‘n Stuff

Corn and Sweet Potatoes in the Cornbread ‘n Stuff

Funley's Snacks

Their Wholly Granolly Clusters flavors are Peanut Butter Pretzel, Wild Apple Berry and Double Chocolate Chip.

Funley's Snacks

Funley’s snacks are quite the hit with my 3 year old toddler and me! Our favorite flavors are Cheddar ‘n Stuff, Cornbread ‘n Stuff and Peanut Butter Pretzel.

Thanks for making a natural, yummy snacks that my toddler and I can really enjoy!

Funley's Snacks

For more info be sure to check out their Facebook page here.

Disclosure: Since I really enjoyed Funley’s snacks, I wanted to share this with my readers. This post was NOT written as part of any participation or relationship with Funley’s snacks.

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