Oshrat’s Visit {2013}

There is something peaceful about having your family come to visit. I can’t put my feelings into words, but everything just feels right. Things makes sense. It’s like I feel complete.

Sure my family and I argue from time to time, but we always make up. Family is everything to me!

This past weekend my sister, Oshrat, came to visit us for the weekend. Our jam packed weekend was filled with many outings and late night sister sessions. We had so much fun! It was really nice to have her visit us for the weekend and bond again. With less then a 4 year age difference we always got along growing up, but not seeing her on a regular basis has changed some things. Already missing her I wanted to share some of the fun we had.

The first day of her visit, Sarah and I took her to our Tot Shabbat class. Later that day we took her to our mommy group’s Holiday Craft and Potluck.

1509062_10100555803736985_893609882_n 1471096_10100555803966525_700588292_nThe following day we took her to play at the mall. We checked out a new indoor play place, ate ice cream, rode the carousel and went shopping.

1472961_10100556522591395_790737696_nphotoThat evening we went out for some Mexican dinner.

1463969_10100556865693815_428204505_nLater that night we took Sarah on her first Ice Skating experience. Between hubby’s back and my fear of falling on my butt we had Oshrat take her on the ice.


She did really well! I was really impressed!

photo(2)The third day we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo.

1510024_10100557662112785_1087454406_nMy sister had a flight booked for later that evening, but after she received an email alerting her that her flight was canceled we decided to take it easy and hang out at home. In the mood for something sweet, we made these yummy cookies in a mug via My Kitchen Antics.

1506005_10100557989821055_1361788949_nGood thing we chose to stay in that evening as Sarah came down with a head cold. After a rough night, hubby drove her to the shuttle stop. We were all feeling the jam packed weekend and the sleepless night due to Sarah’s inability to sleep with a congested nose.

Finally at the airport, she calls to let me know her flight was delayed an hour and a half! Yikes! With a day of work already missed, she just wanted to get home. Geesh!

Thanks for coming to hang out with us Oshrat! We had a lot of fun! xo

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Had a great time too!!! Xoxox

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