Mother’s Day {2014}

I really wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day a little bit different this year.

I had two things on the agenda, brunch and alone time.

Thankfully, I got both this year.

My morning started off really nice. Thanks to my hubby I got to sleep in two days in a row! Without my morning coffee I was feeling a bit grumpy yet refreshed.

We arrived at Malibu Cafe 15 minutes late. Then the hostess couldn’t find our reservations.

After some digging, hubby located my confirmation email that read 7:30 PM!!! Luckily after a few apologies the hostess was able to find us a table.

This place was absolutely adorable! And the food was really good too!

I got a yogurt parfait, Caprese stack, omelet with kale and butternut squash and scramble eggs with herbs.


The dessert table was gorgeous!

IMG_8257After brunch we headed over to the paddle boats.


After a relaxing boat ride on the lake we walked around and played some games.


Hubby took a few pictures of Sarah and I in the gigantic frame.


It was getting really hot (upper 80’s) so we started to walk back towards the exit. I really enjoyed brunch, but the decor was even better!


Sarah wanted to stay longer. She had a screaming meltdown as we were waiting for valet. I tired not to get worked up so hubby had to drag her and put her in the car seat. Heat and the word no is a bad combination for Sarah.

Once we arrived home and relaxed in the cool air for a bit I put Sarah down for a nap.

I quickly headed out to meet Erin for some pool time at the Four Seasons Hotel. We chatted and laid out. It was a really nice afternoon!


Since Sarah saw me in my bathing suit cover up after I got home, she asked if she to can go swimming.

Once we got to the pool I sat Sarah down on my lap to fix her ponytail. As I was fixing her hair I felt a moment and thanked her for making a mother. She replied with a soft, “thanks” and ran off to the pool.

Between baths, dinner by my hubby and bed time I was worn out. It’s been a long and amazing day!

I finally got in bed with my box of chocolate, a glass of wine and my computer.


Thank you to my hubby for making this day so amazing and thank you to my little Sarahlita for making me an ema (mother in Hebrew)!

This might be the most exhausting job I have ever had, but I truly feel I was destined to be a mother. I am in love with my job and thank g-d everyday for this wonderful title.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there and a special Happy Mother’s Day to my ema! Love you and miss you! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Mwaaa!


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