Maui Day 1 & 2

Last week we went on an incredible family vacation to Maui!

However it didn’t start out great. I make lists, I plan and organize our travel plans days in advance, but this time I forgot the most important part…my driver licenses.

We woke up on time, left the house on time, drove to airport in little traffic, parked our car in the garage and that’s when hubby jokingly says, “You got your ID right?”

You see I have a bad habit of not carrying my wallet these days. I use my phone to pay for things and 9/10 hubby is driving so I don’t even bring my ID anymore. Well the one time I NEED my ID I didn’t have it. While I was playing the episode of This Is Us in my head and the scene when Justin can’t find his ID in the airport, I knew I would have a different outcome. With tears streaming down my cheeks and disappointment in my face I left my family in the garage, hopped back in the car and drove the hour back home to pick up my ID. Hubby was able to thankfully call our friend who could pick up my ID and meet me half way so that I can concentrate on driving and possibly make our flight. I somehow managed to race through rush hour, meet our friend and make it back to the airport. But alas, I was 15 minutes too late and they just had closed the terminal door. I was so so close, but instead I sat in the airport for 7 hours while my family was on a flight to Maui. The horrible part was I wasn’t even on a guaranteed flight. I was flying standby. Also LAX terminal 4’s restaurants were closed thanks to Covid. I was a mess!

I got the idea to move to terminal 5 (the international terminal) grabbed lunch and watched Netflix for the next 6 hours.

Day 1

I finally landed in Maui and walked outside to see my prince charming in a Jeep! We rented a car for our visit.

Hubby and the kids went to Costco, hung out in the pool and ate an early dinner.

Day 2

Due to Jet Lag we all woke up really early around 6 am. Hubby and I hung out in our patio enjoying the views and some much needed coffee. The kids watched tv and ate some breakfast (I pack cereal for the kids to munch on until we head out to breakfast).

Our view from our hotel, Marriott Vacation Club, was amazing!

Since we were up so early we went Safeway to buy some groceries.

We met up with our friends at the pool and hung out there for the day.

Dressed and ready for dinner.

Our crew for the week minus Mark (taking the picture).

For dinner we headed to Leilani’s on the Beach. The wait was 1.5 hours but we put our name in and walked around Whaler’s Village for a bit. I noticed a friend on Instagram was also in Maui, so I reached out to find out she was ONLY 2 restaurants over. We met up and chatted for a bit. So fun!

I didn’t take any pictures at dinner and we were all exhausted after dinner.

See you for day 2!

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