Maui Day 5

Aloha! Last week we went on an incredible family vacation to Maui!

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We started the day with breakfast at our condo. We moved last night to the Kaanapali Plantations.

On this day, we took our Jeep for an adventure to Hana.

Hana is about 2 hours out of Kaanapali. It’s a VERY windy road and gets closed often due to bad weather conditions.

Photo from Google

Between our 4 wheel drive and the beautiful weather we were ready for an adventure. Motion sickness bands on and ready to go!

We hit pretty hard rain as soon as we left. Yikes!

But then the weather g-ds opened up for us and we saw the beautiful canopy trees along the drive.

Stop 1: Our first stop was Twin Falls (free). This 2 mile hike was our favorite!! Sure it was hard at times (it poured again), really muddy and hard at some points, but the breath taking waterfalls made it all worth it!!

We made it! Gosh mother nature is beautiful!!

Tip: Bring water shoes and bathing suits.

We walked back out and stopped for some snacks by the entrance. We got pineapple popsicles on sugar cane (so cool), banana bread and iced coffee with coconut water. Yum!

Stop 2: Maui Garden of Eden – $15 per adult and $5 per kid. More info here.

This walking arboretum was beautiful! We played with peacocks, checked out the Jurassic Park intro scene and took in the flowers and gardens.

Stop 3: For lunch we stopped at Halfway to Hana for burgers and hot dogs.

Stop 4: The Waikani Falls (free). These falls are not swimable, but a great stop to admire some beauty and grab a family photo.

We also really liked watching all the water rushing through the rocks. Jacob was in had a lot of questions!

Stop 5: Pua’a Kaa State Wayside Park (free). An easy walk in and a great spot for bathrooms and a picnic. This time we were in our bathing suits and had our water shoes on ready to jump in!

Stop 6: Black Sand Beach. Wow what a site!!! The black sand beach is formed by lava flow that has cooled, hardened, and then fractured into tiny pieces by the relentless battering of the ocean waves over thousands of years.

Stop 7: Hana Cultural Farmstand. We were getting tired and needed a little snack break. We got Kona coffee ice cream and mango bread.

Stop 8: We had plans to pick up dinner to eat on our drive back home, but when we stopped at The Bamboo Hale at Hana Farms we decided to eat in. So glad we did! This place is so charming. We had wood fire pizza, curry potato salad, and jicama salad. Yum, everything was so good!

It was getting late and we were all wiped. Thank you Hana for the memories!

The ride back wasn’t so good for me. I was on the side of the road throwing up most of the night which made our trip back home longer and harder. We got home around 10pm. Thankfully Jacob was asleep for most of it.


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