Happy Spring!

It’s officially Spring here in the U.S. and it is already hot! I was hoping we would have a colder winter as I love to be bundled up with warm clothes and boots, but I guess I should move somewhere where winter is an actual season and not just a tease. Oh well! Welcome Spring :)

 When Spring arrives, most Americans like to do their annual Spring Cleaning, or as Jews like to call it — Passover (more about that soon)!

My post today isn’t necessarily a Spring tip, but more of a new find I wanted to share.

I HATE washing dishes. If it’s not dishwasher safe, I don’t own it! I’m serious!

Therefore when hubby or I placed a light item (sippy cups, Tupperware tops, etc.) in the dishwasher and when it was done we found it filled with dirty liquid, we would get annoyed. Thanks to my research-loving hubby who did a search one day, we found our new favorite gadget! Introducing Dishwasher Loops, for only $8.00, which includes a pack of two rubber bands with hooks on each end to secure light items while using the dishwasher.

Here is how we use it to secure Sarah’s sippy cups and miscellaneous things.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 2.42.33 PMHere is how we use it to secure Sarah’s sippy cups and misc things.



Happy Spring!

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ah, you gadget lover people :)
it’s a good idea. I dont hate washing dishes, probably because i don’t have so much…but washing dishes is time of thinking..

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