Birthday Card Keepsake Tutorial

I follow many wonderful blogs, but my favorite type of blogs to follow are those of my friends!

Not to long ago my friend, Melissa of Don’t Underestimate Mommy posted how she figured out a way to keep her Holidays cards in a cute and simple way that didn’t cost too much money. After keeping Sarah’s first birthday cards in a gift bag for the past year, I was really to happy to read her post. Here is my version of a Birthday Card Keepsake Booklet.

Birthday Card Keepsake Tutorial

I to had all the supplies at home. I simply punched 3 wholes in each card, looped each ring and voila! I’m really happy with this cute and simple way of keeping Sarah’s first birthday cards organized.

Do you keep birthday cards too? How do organize them?

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I was just mentioning this at Meg’s going away dinner! I saw it in pinterest last year and loved it :)

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