Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share our Friday Favorites.


Fun Fact: When I’m pregnant and the year after the kids are born, I don’t wear perfume. With J turning 3 in a few months I decided it was time to buy a new bottle of perfume. I’ve been looking for a new perfume for a while now, but always keep going back to my FAVORITE perfume, Viva La Juicy. It’s so not me! The gold, the pink, but I LOVE love this scent. It’s sweet but not floral. The scent is gentle and not overpowering. I was getting ready to order a bottle when I saw this set. It came in the mail this week. Can’t wait to start smelling good again. TWO

I met up with my friend, Liza for drinks one night. Getting out for a couple hours with a friend is my FAVORITE.


Now with my iWtach influencing me to move around more I decided to sign up for a yoga class. It was nice doing something just for me.


Working with Foodstirs has been so much fun! They recently came out with Minute Mug Cake Mix! It was scrumptious!!! A FAVORITE way to end the day! FIVE

Jacob and I met up with friends, Aubrey and Blake for story time and a picnic at the park. It was such a beautiful day! Meeting up with friends is my FAVORITE. The kids play and the mamas get to catch up. Happy Friday, friends!

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