Germaine’s Bridal Shower

As Maid of Honor I had the privilege of planning my sister, Germaine’s bridal shower in my hometown, Florida. Along with my mom and other sister, Oshrat we planned a lovely afternoon.(And no we didn’t plan to both wear floral dresses with red flowers.)

But then mother nature took over and hurricane Irma came through 10 days earlier. Airline tickets were booked, invites were sent and food plans were made. I tried calling the airline, but they didn’t care so we pulled through and did our best.

South Florida was a mess! From trees and debris blocking the streets to stores being closed or completely empty. It was quite the adventure.Big thanks to my dad for driving us around town! I know how much you missed all of our shenanigans.Turns out the elevators to the building where we were hosting the bridal shower didn’t work. There wasn’t an oven like we thought there would be in the room and then half way through the bridal shower the air conditioning stopped working in the room.

But then you see pictures like this and remember how fun you had showering your baby sis.

The beautiful bride.The sisters.

My family.

The girl cousins (on my dads side). My mom, bride and MIL.Our theme was gold, peach, and marble. We had different accents through out the room. Our table setting was modeled after my sister pinned this onto her board.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of just our tables, but at least I got a picture of the bride in front of it all.Germaine’s fiance loves candy so we had a candy buffet for him and the guests.As each guest was leaving they got to fill up a bag of candy. Happy bridal shower, G! Love you!

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