Valentine’s Day {2018}

I love any reason to celebrate, but I especially love a day where everyone shows their love for one another. This year we made sure to celebrate  Valentine’s Day in many ways.

It started with a Valentine’s Pj Pancake party in Jacob’s class.We gave out I Wheelie Like You Valentine gifts to his classmates. See printable here.Later in the week Sarah worked on her My Little Pony cards. Since Vday fell on a weekday hubby and I opted to go to the dinner the weekend before.

On Valentine’s Day we celebrated with doughnuts and presents. The kids each got a water bottle and a book. For lunch I packed them each heart shaped food. Sarah lost her lunch before she even saw it and Jacob didn’t want to eat it. :(After breakfast J and I headed to the senior home to pass out cards.We concluded the LOVEly holiday with baking heart shaped brownies from our Foodstirs box.

See more about our box here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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