New Year’s Eve {2015}

This year we decided to divide and conquer. Hubby stayed home with Jacob while I took Sarah to our friends house for some New Years Eve fun.IMG_3602 - favWe woke up on New Years Day ready for family fun. We started the day with breakfast at IHOP.  IMG_3621 IMG_3622Jacob had his first taste of pancakes. He loved it!

Sarah and I spent the rest of the morning with friends at the park. While driving back home on a hill, my car stopped mid way. It turns out I ran out of gas. After a call with hubby he suggested he bring his left over gas tank he used for his motor bike.

Unfortunately this happens often. I find getting gas such a chore.

It was a beautiful day so Sarah and I didn’t mind the wait.

IMG_3628 Back at home, I took Jacob on a walk. IMG_3631

We ended our day with Shabbat dinner prepared by hubby.

It was a beautiful day! A brisk 55 degree day, but a beautiful day to start the new year.

Happy New Year friends! Here is to a healthy, joyful and successful 2016!!

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