Show & Tell Tuesday: Dinner Party Guests

Show & Tell Tuesdays pt 1

Today I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays. The theme this week is…Who’s coming to dinner? Five people you’d invite to a dinner party at your house.

  1. My grandmaFamFriendPro62

My grandma made the yummiest foods! She made everything from scratch and didn’t use recipes. When she needed to add water to a dish she would grab any cup nearby and add some water. She never used any measuring equipment. Unfortunately my grandma passed away recently so I never got a chance to write down her recipes. If I was able to invite her over for dinner we would spend the afternoon cooking and baking.  

2. Mel Larson from The Larson Lingo1044307_390043187773077_728439847_nMel is the reason I started blogging. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I didn’t know the direction I wanted to go. Thanks to Mel I’ve found my spot in the blogging world. I stumbled upon her blog after looking through Pinterest one day. I’ve become hooked and have read her all her blog posts for past 4 years. If I was able to invite her over for dinner we would talk about wine, blogging, party planning and food.

3. Britney SpearsBritney_Spears_2754876bAh, Ms. Britney Spears! I wasn’t a fan in the beginning (I thought her music was cheesy), but I love love her music now. I’ve seen her perform twice now and every time I see her I am just blown away by her performance. Not only is she my spirit sister (we share the same month AND year) but she is also a boy mom. If I was able to invite her over for dinner I’d make us cocktails and just laugh at silly things.

4. Blake Lively

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 06: Actress Blake Lively attends Gucci's 'CHIME FOR CHANGE' at Macy's Herald Square on May 6, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

Ever since Gossip Girl aired I’ve been a fan of Blake. I probably first fell in love with her style, on the show and off. Did you now she doesn’t have a stylist? That’s unheard of for most celebrities! A few years ago she started a blog called, Preserve. Now she is a mama who can be seen nursing her daughter on Instagram. If I was able to invite her over for dinner we would cook together and talk about our blogs.

5. My girlfriendsgroupI absolutely love my friends! I’d love to have them over for dinner any day!!

So there you have it. The 5 people I’d invite over for dinner (in no particular order).

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