My family and I love going to food festivals! We’ve been to the Strawberry Festival, Salsa Festival, Apple Festival, Garlic Festival and now the Avocado Festival.


We love trying all the different types of food. I mostly love to taste the unique way they incorporate the festival food in all the dishes.

Unfortunately, hubby couldn’t attend the Avocado Festival so it was a fun mommy and daughter outing.

We started our food adventure with some good old fashion guacamole and chips!


Next we moved on to corn on the cob with avocado lime butter sauce. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. If you like corn and avocado then you’d love it!

It was a super hot day! We sat on the curb and enjoyed a refreshing snow cone.


We checked out the kids area, but nothing sounded good in the heat. We headed back to the food tents.

It took us a while, but we finally found the avocado ice cream tent. I was hesitant as the combination didn’t sound good, but what’s the point of going to an Avocado Festival and not trying their special, avocado ice cream.


We loved it! Not only was it a much needed cool snack, it was delicious!


Miss Sarah wanted wanted more!

After walking around a bit, we spotted some fun picture opportunities.


We had a great time!

Have you ever been to the Avocado Festival? What food was your favorite?

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