Baby Announcement

Now that our closest friends and family know and I’m already sporting a baby bump, we are happy to announce that Sarah is going to be a big sister!!!


We are very thankful to be able to to go through this journey again and thank g-d for this wonderful miracle growing inside my belly.

Here is Sarah with our first ultrasound picture.


She is so excited about becoming a big sister! So much that she has already spilled the beans to a few friends of ours. The cutest thing is when she tells people she has a baby inside her belly too. Got to love how the toddlers brain works!

So far this pregnancy has been difficult. I’m constantly nauseous and very very tired. I’m on prescription medication for my nausea, but it’s not really helping. I started to be feel better after 11 weeks, but it came back a few days later. 

Cravings: Hot soup (even though it’s been in the high 90’s and 100’s the past few weeks!) and Cesar salad

Aversions: Ground beef

Baby is as big as a: Large plum (2.5 in, .5 oz)

Countdown: 27 weeks, 3 days left

I’m almost 13 weeks along and despite all my difficulties my blood work and screenings has came back normal.

So come late April (or earlier like Sarah) we will welcome our 4th member of the family. #2

10 on 10 October {2014}

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.

ten on ten button

Check out last month’s post here.

Here is a sneak peek of our day!

My morning started at 7:45 when Sarah was ready for the day.  I got her up and headed to the kitchen to find a a note from hubby and a ring of danishes. Thanks babe!


I prepped Sarah’s breakfast as she watched a show. After breakfast I headed to my room to get dressed. I came back out and put the finishing touches on Sarah’s lunch.


I dropped her off and headed to Starbucks. Ahhh I love Preschool days!

I headed over to my friend’s Erin house for the morning. Her son and I played trains.


I don’t play with trains often, but watching Vin play with this set while laughing over and over again I to have a new favorite train. My favorite train that morning was called the Giggling Troublesome Truck. It giggles every time your press the button. I’m not sure how Erin feels about the noise, but watching Vin laugh every time was pure bliss!

After a couple of hours I headed to the grocery store, came home and ate lunch. I had leftover pizza from the night before, but don’t like the texture after the heating it in the microwave. Thanks to The Chew I remembered this tip, heat sliced pizza face down for a few minutes. The oil from the pizza will release and cook the pizza. Then flip it and cook a couple more minutes. Ta da! Now you had a crispy warm pizza that tastes like it did when you first bought it.


I headed back to school for pick up.


After some down time I put Sarah down for a nap.

I always tend to my “garden” during nap time. My cucumber plant is starting to dry up. Any advice?


Sarah naps for about 2 to 2.5 hours so I normally blog while watching The Chew.


After nap, Sarah and I usually eat a snack while watching an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This afternoon we had homemade air-popped popcorn.


After the show we headed outside for a bike ride.


Sarah spotted a her favorite flower, a dandelion! After she finds one she will often say, “Mom let’s blow it together!”


We were invited to our friends house for dinner so that meant we could play outside longer since I didn’t have to cook dinner. We showered and got dressed.

Sarah wanted to take a selfie before heading out!


Hope you had a great 10th!

Yom Kippur {2014}

We normally stay at the hotel with the rest of the congregants on Yom Kippur (also known as a Day of Atonement), but this year the hotel sold out really quick. No one wants to walk in this crazy So Cal heat so I was not completely surprised it sold out.

Just bummed we couldn’t join like we did in the past.

Yom Kippur is a holiday were Jews fast for 25 hours. That means no use of electricity, no showering, no driving and of coarse not eating or drinking for 25 hours.

We do this fast to seek forgiveness by praying and confessing throughout the day. 

To prep for this “holiday” hubby and I stalk up on our favorite beverages. We drink a combination of water and Gatorade for the 2 days leading up to the fast. 


To physically prepare for the fast we visit a body of water and throw out our sins. 


I make my usual Yom Kippur dinner of Honey Lemon Chicken with Rice and Carrots.


It’s sweet, savory and fills you up. I pair that with a salad, bread and some kind of dessert.

Staying home was weird. Sarah got bored indoors and wanted to play outside. We love playing with her outside, but with the heat and not being able to drink it was hard.

Normally we would take her to the kids room where she could play with all the kids and the “new” toys. 

Somehow we managed and took shifts staying indoors.

Next year we will be more prepared and schedule our hotel stay in advance.

Gmar chatima tova (May you be inscribed (in the Book of Life) for Good!).

Avocado Festival

My family and I love going to food festivals! We’ve been to the Strawberry Festival, Salsa Festival, Apple Festival, Garlic Festival and now the Avocado Festival.


We love trying all the different types of food. I mostly love to taste the unique way they incorporate the festival food in all the dishes.

Unfortunately, hubby couldn’t attend the Avocado Festival so it was a fun mommy and daughter outing.

We started our food adventure with some good old fashion guacamole and chips!


Next we moved on to corn on the cob with avocado lime butter sauce. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. If you like corn and avocado then you’d love it!

It was a super hot day! We sat on the curb and enjoyed a refreshing snow cone.


We checked out the kids area, but nothing sounded good in the heat. We headed back to the food tents.

It took us a while, but we finally found the avocado ice cream tent. I was hesitant as the combination didn’t sound good, but what’s the point of going to an Avocado Festival and not trying their special, avocado ice cream.


We loved it! Not only was it a much needed cool snack, it was delicious!


Miss Sarah wanted wanted more!

After walking around a bit, we spotted some fun picture opportunities.


We had a great time!

Have you ever been to the Avocado Festival? What food was your favorite?

Microsoft Store

I was recently invited to attend a sneak preview of the new Microsoft retail store.

Mama Chit Chat: Microsoft Store

The store is beautiful! The bright colors and the clean lines are very inviting. I could see myself staying for a while as I play with all the gadgets.

Mama Chit Chat: Microsoft Store

Imagine a panoramic wall wrapping around the entire store ready for you to watch or play games on. In fact, you can try out any of the Xbox and Kinect games on the big screen before you buy them.

Mama Chit Chat: Microsoft Store

Mama Chit Chat: Microsoft Store

My favorite part is the Answer Desk. From helping you learn how to get the most out of your software to tuning your PC so that it runs at peak productivity, they’ve got you covered.

Mama Chit Chat: Microsoft Store

Need help with Office? Check out their Personal Training. Their personal training is designed to help you learn a variety of topics at your own pace — and you can even bring a friend to your session.

Mama Chit Chat: Microsoft Store

Come to the Microsoft Store to find Surface, Xbox, Windows Phones and more!
  Enjoy worry free technical support and protection.
Friendly Answer Techs can answer your questions, resolve your problems, and help safeguard your new device.
Learn, create and achieve more with free classes for students, educators and adults at Microsoft.

Find more information here


This post was written as part of my participation in the BlogHer program. While Microsoft provided me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, the thoughts and statements in this post are my own.

Dollar Tree Craft #2

I love walking down the aisles of The Dollar Tree store in the search of craft ideas. Check out my first craft here.

I once again found myself stopping by the wall decal section of the store.

Mama Chit Chat: Dollar Store Craft

This time I picked up Poster Alphabets to put on Sarah’s wall in the living room.



After standing back I decided to add the numbers that were included in the packet.


My special helper wanted a picture too!


I gave her the extra stickers to decorate the other wall.

Mama Chit Chat: Dollar Tree Craft

This was a fun and easy project. Best part, it was only $1!

Dave’s Killer Bread

My toddler’s and I love a good grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks to Dave’s Killer Bread I had the most scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich!!


Available in 12 varieties in major grocery chains across 17 states and parts of western Canada, Dave’s Killer Bread packs a punch with delicious flavors loaded with seeds, ancient grains, and whole grain nutrition. Each slice also contains as much protein as one egg! A loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread retails between $5.00 and $6.00.

You asked, and Dave’s Killer Bread delivered! As requested by several moms who participated in last year’s sampling, Dave’s Killer Bread added 100% Whole Wheat bread to their product line. With a smooth texture and a touch of sweetness, it’s the perfect seedless bread for everything from sandwiches to french toast.

Seeded Honey Wheat is the first Non-GMO Project Verified honey wheat bread on the market. With 5g of fiber and protein, the sweet taste and crunchy texture of Seeded Honey Wheat will make it an instant family favorite.

With 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Thin-Sliced, you don’t have to sacrifice taste and nutrition when watching calories. Loaded with grainy texture and hearty flavor, 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Thin-Sliced only has 60 calories per slice.

Packed with a whopping 6g of protein and 4g of fiber per slice, Good Seed has the boldest texture and sweetest flavor of all of their breads.Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.05.24 PMThe following morning I enjoyed my Dave’s Killer Bread toasted with scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. Yum!


Yum, I love a good hearty bread!

This post was written as part of my participation in the Moms Meet program. While Dave’s Killer Bread provided me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, the thoughts and statements in this post are my own.