Arctic Zero

To celebrate the first day of summer, my sweet friends at Arctic Zero sent over their Fit Frozen Desserts. We celebrated the longest day of the year with an ice cream party and water play.   ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts Pints are the perfect zero-guilt sweet treats for moms who care about clean ingredients. Each crave-worthy, low-calorie, lactose free pint is made with hormone-free whey protein and sweetened naturally with monk fruit, making it low in sugar. We sampled Cookie Shake, Cherry Chocolate Chip, Cake Batter, Salted Caramel, Rocky Road Trip and Peanut Butter Swirl. For the perfect creamy texture we let them thaw out for 15 minutes before digging in. Both kids and adults came back for seconds. 

We had so much fun! The ice cream was a delicious treat on this hot day and the slip and slide brought back such fun memories!

Happy summer, friends!

Where to purchase?

ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts Pints are available to purchase at select Target® stores . See list of Target® stores here. ARCTIC ZERO is
also available at natural and traditional grocers nationwide, including Albertsons, Kroger, Publix, Sprouts Farmers Market, Safeway, Walmart and Whole Foods Market as well as online at and To nd a store near you, visit:

Learn more online! Facebook Twitter Instagram

Disclosure: This post was written as part of my participation in the Moms Meet program. While Arctic Zero provided me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, the thoughts and statements in this post are my own.

Summer Bucket List {2017}

A couple years ago, my daughter, Sarah and I started a Summer Bucket List. We came up with 10 things we wanted to do throughout the summer. This way when we have some open days in between camp and vacation days we can look at our list and do something fun.    After we completed our list, we both signed it.

See past lists below.

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Last year I started a list too. Just a few things I would like to do through out the summer.

Shutterfly Photo Books: Every year I make a book for each kids birthday. I’d also like to make a few other books for our Disney trip and family adventures.

Gallery Wall: I’d love to redo our gallery wall. It needs an update. Here are a few examples I like. Have anything fun and easy to add to our list? Please share below.

Happy summer!

Museum of Ice Cream

A few months ago my sister, Germaine, forwarded me an email about a new pop up museum in LA. I skimmed the email, but decided to buy tickets at a later time. A couple days later I started seeing a bunch of Instagram pictures from my friends and celebrities. I quickly went back to my email, clicked on the link to find out it’s been sold out. Hmm what the heck is up with this museum?

Well after a waiting list, a dash to my computer to buy our tickets, a random date on the calendar and ta da we where on our way to the Museum of Ice Cream.

Waiting for our group to enter.

When you buy tickets you have to pick a time slot. This way only a small amount of people go at a time. Ready, set, go!Room #1 – welcome room and a few rules. Tasting #1 – Dove chocolate.Room #2 – a room full of pink telephones. Tasting – none.

Sometimes there was someone on the other line and sometimes there wasn’t. Room #3 – La La Land Tasting #2 – Salted ice cream with a hard shellNeither kid liked it. I thought it was good, but a bit to salty.  Room #4 – Bananas Tasting – none

This room had 3 sections. Scratch and sniff, swings, and a place to go “bananas”. Room #5 – Mint  Tasting #3 – Mint flavored mochiThe kids got to water the mint garden. Jacob was a big fan of the tasting.  Room #6 – Claw  Tasting – none

This room had some fun pieces. Like huge plastic rainbows, a pink mirror, cute sayings and a claw machine. We were to busy trying to win a prize that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the fun machine. After a few tries I got a key chain, but I let it go after the guy behind me yelled something out and scared me. He saw us later in another room and gave my kiddos a key chain he won.Jacob had fun dancing to the music and light show.  Room #7 – Popsicle’s  Tasting – none

This room looked like lot’s of fun! Except is was mostly roped off and we were asked to be gentle with the pieces. Room #8 – Gummy bears  Tasting #4 – A handful of gummy bears Room #9 – Cones  Tasting #5 – Cookie dough in a cone This looked horrible, but it was basically a cake ball in a cone. Yum!Room #10 – Sprinkles  Tasting – none

This is what sold me. I thought the kids swimming in a pool of sprinkles would be so much fun. I was right, the kids had a blast!

Sarah’s first reaction was to make a sprinkles angel. Which was totally cute, until I noticed her undies showing in all of the pics.   Jumping off the dive board was not allowed, but I turned around and saw this.Jacob was mostly interested in taking out the sprinkles. I also found a few in his diaper. :0Our last minute in the pool consisted of covering Sarah with sprinkles. So fun! Room #11 – Breakfast, ice cream swing, games and store  Tasting #6 – Ice cream sandwich made with two pink pancakes and that’s a wrap!

We had lots of fun, got some great pictures and made a memorable experience. Until next time LA!

PS thanks for the recommendation G.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. However I wrote this post for mamas from a mama.

What’s Up Wednesday {June 2017}

 I’m linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for some random monthly fun.

What we’re eating this week…

Sunday (Memorial Day) – BBQ block partyMonday – Concert at the park

Tuesday (Jewish Holidays: Shavout) – Make your own pizza partyWednesday – Lasagna

Thursday – Schnitzel, rice and green beansFriday – MIL cooked

Saturday – Out

What I’m reminiscing about…

Going to Mexico for my sister’s bachlorette! Fun times!

What I’m loving…

 All the summer clothes. Thanks to Old Navy and Target I got some really fun pieces for the kids. What we’ve been up to…

Closing up the school year. I am looking forward to my counters being less cluttered. So much paper!! Eek!What I’m dreading…

Nothing at the moment.

What I’m working on…

Finding dresses for my sister’s wedding. Here are a few dresses I have my eye on.What I’m excited about…

Summer and all the fun day trips we have planned!

What I’m watching/reading…

I have the Bachelorette recorded but have not yet seen a show. Totally slacking!

The kids and I love watching The Amazing Race. It’s lots of fun and we like to cheer for our favorite. What I’m listening to…

Kiiara’s voice and lyrics are my current fav. Love this girl!What I’m wearing…

My favorite new romper I wore for Mother’s Day brunch and my sister’s bachelorette.What I’m doing this weekend…

It’s a busy busy weekend!

My sweet friend, Dini is getting married!! To celebrate her joyous occasion her mom is hosting a Shabbat Kallah (Hebrew for the last Saturday before a bride gets married).

We also have a drive in movie, a screening of my Little Pony and MIL is taking the kiddos to a PJ event.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

Going to Florida!!!! Can’t wait to see my family!

What else is new…

We started our Summer Bucket List and can’t wait to check off a few things!!

Question of the month is: What is your favorite summer vacation spot?

It doesn’t matter the season, it doesn’t matter the occasion, my answer will always be Florida. I don’t love the weather, but I love and miss my family so much that if I could go anywhere it would be Florida.

Florida 2016

Florida 2015

Florida 2014

Florida 2013

Florida 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Choo Choo Birthday Party

After having a combined birthday party for Jacob’s 1st birthday, I knew I wanted to make his 2nd birthday party special.

The Theme

Jacob is big fan of all types of trains. From Thomas the Train to trolleys he loves anything that resemble a choo choo. Coming up with the theme was easy, Choo Choo I’m Two. 

The Venue

Jacob loves the park and going nad-nad (swinging in Hebrew) on the swing. There are a few parks by our house, but with different age groups attending the party we went for the park that had two different play structures. This way all ages can play.  The Decorations

Target, the best store ever, had everything we needed. We went with Thomas’ bold colors of red and blue.

The Food

I didn’t want to have to worry about delivery or picking up food. So we made a simple build your own pulled chicken sandwich station with potato salad and a green salad (oops I forgot to take any pictures).

  We also had snacks and fruit traffic signals skewers to munch on. The Cake

I ordered cupcakes form the bakery in our grocery store (love their stuff!) and arranged the cupcakes into a number two.Activities

Hubby and grandpa made a duct tape train track. Jacob loved riding his Thomas on the track.  Sister, Sarah, enjoyed it too!We also had a train track taped to a table so the kids can play with different size trains.The Outfit

A mama friend at Stitches in the Sun made Jacob’s special birthday shirt. It was bright, colorful and had a choo choo. Jacob was a big fan!The Favors

To go with the train theme, each kid got a train conductor hat and a scarf.Jacob however was not interested in either piece. :( Luckily big sister, Sarah and some friends were.

Thank you to everyone who made his birthday a special day.

Happy 2nd birthday to my little guy!

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Last Day of School {2017}

Last week was Sarah’s last day of Kindergarten!

Every year on the first day of school and the last day of school, I take a photo of Sarah.It is so fun to see changes and this year there were a lot of noticeable physical changes.

She lost her “baby” cheeks, her hair has gotten longer and less curly.

Another huge difference is her glasses. We found out mid year she failed her eye exam at school. We cleared it with our optometrist who said she has a stigmatism.

She also lost her first tooth and another 2.5 teeth (her 4th tooth came out a couple days after school). Not only did Sarah physically grow, but she can now read a book, do simple addition and subtraction and can count to 100.

Her fall picture came out super sweet. Just like preschool, Sarah made friends with a sweet group of girls. We played together at birthday parties, got together for play dates and much more. After noticing the other moms coming in to volunteer, Sarah begged hubby and I to volunteer too. But between hubby’s work load and having a one year old, we weren’t as available. However, towards the end of the year we figured out a day where I can volunteer. During my visits she expressed how excited she was that I was there. Love my girl! Goodbye kindergarten, hello 1st grade! 

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Show & Tell Tuesday – Memory Lane

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Memory Lane.

– Shows –

I was a big fan of 90210! So much that I had a heart shaped pillow with Brandon’s face on it. I also really liked watching the Saturday morning line up that included Saved By The Bell.Full house was a family favorite.  – Toys –

I loved Lisa Frank folders and pencil sets.

Playing Barbies with my sisters and friends in our loft for hours.Polly Pocket was lot’s of fun and annoying at the same time. Those pieces were so so small!Trolls – these little guys look much differnt then the trolls movie my daughter and I saw together.Both Mall Madness and Girl Talk were some of my favorite games. Those little red zits were so much fun! – Fashion –

Slouchy socks – doubling up was very common. Shirts with scrunchies – I was a big fan of this style. I couldn’t find an exact picture, but it looked like something like this. Slap bracelets – these bracelets were so fun. I loved all the colors and styles. I loved going down memory lane!  What are some of your favorite trends from the 90’s?

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