4th of July {2016}

My family and I love the 4th of July! It’s such a fun and relaxing holiday.

We started celebrating on the 3rd at the annual festival at the park. IMG_9561

The parents set up shop while the kids snacked and played. IMG_9571  IMG_9578IMG_9595 IMG_9750IMG_9748   Each family brought a picnic dinner and something sweet to share. While hubby was waiting in what like felt the longest line everrrrrr for his food the kids and I took a picture. IMG_9573 - fav

Later that evening we took our traditional mom and kid picture. IMG_9588 - fav(To see previous pictures click on the year –> 2015, 2014, 2013.) 

Once it get dark we changed into warm clothes and got cozy with our families. Miss Sarah decided she wanted to sit with her friend Mackenzie. IMG_9674

IMG_9659Jacob absolutely loved the fireworks!! He was mesmerized the ENTIRE time.IMG_9678He even wanted to take his ear protectors off after a few minutes into the fireworks. IMG_9685IMG_9684IMG_9681IMG_9701IMG_9726 IMG_9719

We had so much fun!!

So much, that my daughter who doesn’t fall asleep in the car passed out shortly after we got into the car. That is evidence of a good night. :)IMG_9728The next day we had some preschool friends over for some fun in the pool.IMG_9733 IMG_9741 IMG_9747We hung out by the pool until 5 pm and completely crashed after dinner. 

It was okay though, we got to see plenty of fireworks the night before.

Happy 4th of July friends!

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