4th of July {2014}

I love everything that involves family, friends, food and sun so it’s no surprise that I love celebrating 4th of July!

Just like last year, our 4th of July celebrations started on the 3rd. To prepare for the festivities I made a healthy treat this year.

Mama Chit Chat: 4th of July

I also made a bow for both Sarah (which she lost before we even got to the field) and I.

Mama Chit Chat: 4th of July

We met up with 9 mommy friends and their families! We played, ate and just hung out together. It was so relaxing and carefree. Most of all it was lot’s of fun!



For dinner, hubby and I checked out the food trucks (loving this trend). We both ate delicious food at Scratch. Highly recommended!


As it got darker Amy handed out glow sticks so that we can spot our kids (great idea Amy!). Then we all snuggled up with our family as we watched the firework show.


We had such a great time! I love hanging out with my mommy group. I like it even better when we can bring our families together.

Mama Chit Chat: 4th of JulyThe 4th of July was on Friday (Shabbat) so we just hung out at home.

The 5th was spent attending Shabbat services and lot’s of pool time. My best friend’s son was also born that day.


Welcome to world, Samuel!

The 6th was spent with our friends at the park for the city’s bi-monthly Summer Concerts at the Park.

This time I made watermelon cupcakes. To me there it nothing more American then watermelon!


Sarah loves cupcakes so I knew she’d really enjoyed these!


Sarah playing with her friends.

IMG_0082 IMG_0103

We had such a fun filled weekend until early Monday morning when I got a call from my friend Nicole telling me about my friends son, Nolan who was in a really bad car accident.

Even if you are not the praying type, please send positive thoughts to my friend’s son, Nolan. Should we all be safe and healthy!


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