I was craving an adventure, so I grabbed the kids, our snow gear and made our way towards the mountains. This time we stopped at Wrightwood. Less then 2 hours from our house and we saw snow!! We had so much fun!

We picked a perfect day! Shortly after we arrived it started to snow! We all squealed with excitement and ran around trying to catch snowflakes on our tongue.

After some time in the snow we warmed up with hot cocoa and hot doghnuts at Village Grind. They even had soup and sandwiches. Perfect little stop on our adventure.

We ended our Wrightwood Adventure with a visit to the Grizzly Cafe. Check out how cute theses swings are!

A few weeks later hubby joined us for another snow day!

Sarah wasn’t feeling the snow this time. Somehow every time she sled down it would get into her pants and everywhere else. Poor thing!

We ended our snow day adventure with some warm Mexican food at Mexico Lindo.

We had snow much fun!

To see past snow trips, click below.

Mt. Baldy

Mt. Fraizer

Lake Arrowhead

Big Bear

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