Big Bear Snow Play

When it rains in Southern California it usually means snow is near. Sure enough after a stormy day earlier this month, the top of the mountains were covered in snow. What a site to see!

I grabbed a few friends, our snow clothes and snow chains and we headed out to Big Bear.

We stopped at Aldi (new to us in So Cal) for some snacks and a potty break.

As we got closer to the mountain the snow was all over. So exciting!!

We arrived at Big Bear Snow Play, got suited up and made our way to the hill.

I suggested Big Bear Snow Play after hearing it was a great place for little kids. It also has a magic carpet (conveyor belt up the mountain) which was a huge selling point too since last time we went snow tubing we had to carry our kids tubes up the mountain each time. Lot’s of work in the snow!

Ready to go snow tubing!

After only one time down the mountain, both of my kids freaked out! J screamed the whole way down, while Sarah said her back hurt too much. Wimps! Unfortunately Nicole and her kids also didn’t love the tubing experience, so we waited for our friends, Stacee and B as they did a few more loops. We drove around a bit, found a place to park and played roadside.

Love you girls and our adventures!

Everywhere you looked it was absolutely beautiful!

The kids wanted to use the sleds we packed so we got back in the car in search of a hill.

We ended our day with dinner at Sizzlers (another new place to me), packed the kids in for the evening and made our way back down the mountain.

What a fun adventure with my besties and our kids! Thankful to be so close to snow capped mountains all while living 20 minutes from the beach.

To see past snow trips, click below.

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