What Does A Mom Do On Her Day “Off”?

Spend the day at the spa? Get a pedi and mani? Nap? No, not this time.

The day before was a very emotional day for me. Sarah has started throwing tantrums. Hello, “terrible twos.” You are a bit too early! This time she wouldn’t get into the stroller. So, after a long 10 minute (which should have been a 2 minute) walk back from the Farmer’s Market, she refused to get in the car. Instead, she decided to run from me and into the street. With hands full, I dropped my bags and ran for her safety. As I held her, I started to sob (again).

Just a few minutes before that, I had a difficult conversation with someone I had hurt. After apologizing many times, I walked away knowing there was nothing else I could have done. Full of emotion, I was saddened to know I made someone so upset.

Earlier that morning, I had a situation that had me feeling drained.

After my MIL arrived that evening (so that Sarah could have a full day with grandma the next day), I went to bed knowing tomorrow would be my day “off.” I had a lot of thinking to do and some things I needed to figure out.

After getting Sarah dressed and my MIL set for the day, I sat with my coffee and my “to do” list.

With much to do, I got in my car and worked on my to do list. My list consisted of scouting two potential birthday party locations, grocery shopping, organizing Sarah’s closet and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit and misc things in the house.

Once I got home and Sarah woke up from her nap, I started to cook for Shabbat dinner.


This Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken was really, REALLY good! You should try it.

Truth is, I couldn’t have done half of these things if I was with Sarah, so all in all I had a successful day “off.” G-d has a funny way of working things out. This time he planned just right!

Thanks to my MIL for hanging out with Sarah while I had the day “off”! We are still enjoying all the books you checked out from the library.

Hopefully one of theses days I’ll take a REAL day “off”…

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sorry you are not here. we could help you. promiss you, your time for a day off with: spa, mani – pedi will come soon. talk to you soon. xoxo

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