The 90’s Experience

I was recently invited to an epic @experiencethe90s adventure! As soon as I stepped inside it took me right back to my teens! Talk about déjà vu! The butterfly clips, plastic chokers, my beloved CD player, dunkaroos, trolls, TGIF shows, passing notes that looked like footballs and houses, cucumber melon lotion, collect calls to my mom and then my beeper, cheesy boy band posters. Such fun memories!

As soon as you walk in, you are hit with so much nostalgia!

My beloved CD player! Kids these days don’t understand only listening to one cd at a time, which you had to buy at a store and make sure your didn’t scratch it while transferring back into it’s case. Oh the struggle

Next up was a 90’s trivia complete with buzzers. I totally competed but came in 2nd. My prize was a bag of pop rocks! So fun!

The next room was a big party! From a spinning DJ to stacks of cd, hula hoops and more we had lot’s of fun!

I even got to show my 6 year old a game of Supermario Bros.

So many fun photo ops!

Name that show with the red throne in the opening song?

My favorite room has to be the mock up bedroom of a 90’s girl. Everything form boy band posters to sticker covered desks, a phone with a chord, traper keeper, clear blow up furniture, lava lamps and so much more!

They even got one of my favorite snacks, Dunkaroos!

I had the best time going down memory lane!

MamaChitChat 411:

📟 Located on 1st floor by Target INSIDE @westfieldtopanga
💿 Touch, taste, feel, smell, dance and shop the feel-good nostalgia.
📟 Try your luck at 90’s trivia!
💿 Lots of fun photo spots!
👩🏻‍💻 Buy your tickets online. Use code “1999LA” to save $10.
📅 Open November 11th – January 30th!

Disclosure: This post was written as part of my participation with the 90’s Experience. While Socal Infuential provided me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, the thoughts and statements in this post are my own.

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