Swim Lessons {2014}

After completing swimming lessons last summer, Sarah loved to swim! She would swim to and from the wall and even jump in and swam to us.


As soon as it started to get warm this year, hubby took Sarah to the pool.

Upon entering the pool she panicked. She didn’t want to get in the water and she definitely did not want to swim.

After a few more tries she would not get off the stairs. Hubby and I were dumfounded! She loved swimming last summer! What happened?

We decided to sign her up for swim lessons even though “she knows how to swim”.

The first two classes were a bust! She wouldn’t even get in the water. Instead she just sat on the floor and played with the water toys.


Her swimming instructor, Ms. Yvonne said she needed time to get comfortable with the pool and with her. I was upset! I wasn’t interested in paying a teacher not to teach. 

After the second class I told the teacher that I give her permission to be more forceful with Sarah.

Shortly after Ms. Yvonne told her about her green speckled frog song, Sarah JUMPED in and swam.


Something clicked! We were both shocked!


After a total of 4 classes Ms. Yvonne said she was definitely swimming! We finished our 6 pre-paid classes and hugged Ms. Yvonne goodbye.

 After a few afternoons in our pool, hubby filmed Sarah swimming.

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unbelivable little fish :)

Michal ema benson

Great job Sarah! Now you are a pro! Savta love you so much!!!

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