Summer Bucket List {2016}

Last year, we started a fun summer tradition. Sarah and I came up with 10 things we wanted to do throughout the summer. See our list here. So just like we did last year, we sat down and wrote out our list.

This year, Sarah, wanted to write her own list while I made our list.


Summer listMost of these activities are things we would normally do, but Sarah LOVES looking and crossing items off our list.

After we completed our list, we both signed it.

This mama has a wish list too!

Finish our photo books: I have a couple of books in the works. I’m working on a baby book for Jacob. Sarah’s 5th and Jacob’s 1st birthday party (I make a book for each of their birthday parties).

De clutter the home: We have lived in our townhouse for over a year and we STILL have untouched piles. The problem is the lack of storage. We just don’t have enough space for misc things. We need a garage!!! I’m hoping to go through each room at a time.

Find a new gym: I LOVE my kickboxing studio but I really would like to find a gym I can go to during the day that has childcare.

Plan my 35th birthday: I really want to go away for my birthday this year. It’s a big one and I want to do something special.

Have anything fun and easy to add to our list? Please share below.

Happy summer!



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[…] Summer Bucket List 2016 […]

[…] Summer Bucket List 2016 […]

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