Stranded – Netflix Series

Stranded WithStrandedToday’s topic is: What are your three favorite Netflix series?

  1. House of Cardshouse-of-cards-seaosn-2__140603234815House of Cards was the first Netflix series hubby and I watched. We love the show and all the drama. 
  2. Fuller House635928892356150679230374489_Fuller-HouseAs a kid I watched Full House with my family. Now as an adult I watch Fuller House with my husband and kids. The show itself  is super cheesy, but somehow that makes it even better. I love the simple messages and all the family time.

Good news, Fuller House got picked up for a 2nd season!fuller-house-season-two3. Everybody Loves RaymondEverybody-Loves-Raymond_1024-768Even though Everybody Loves Raymond is not a Netflix original I love watching it again (and again). It’s SOOO funny! It always puts me in a good mood.

4. Maya the Beebc356fe94efb94f324a3a7287fd219c5601a90b6This cute little series is about a sassy little bee, her friends and their adventures. We never saw (or even knew of) Maya the Bee until Sarah stumbled upon it while browsing different shows on her iPad. Did you know Netflix has a kid version? Read more about it here.

We love the show and have been hooked ever since! The best part is when Jacob immediately stops what he’s doing, smiles from ear to ear and laughs during the opening song EVERY TIME he hears it. For someone who doesn’t care for TV, it is the cutest thing! I even caught it on video.

What are your three favorite Netflix Series? Please comment below.


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