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I love finding new, fun, and adventurous activities to do with my friends. I recently came across the Skyspace Slide. And even better, there was a deal on Travelzoo. So I grabbed some friends and drove us to LA for a fun night out.

The Travelzoo deal we picked was called Sip and Slide. It covered the entrance, slide, and a drink. A great deal if you want to do all 3!

Parking was a hassle so we valet our car, but otherwise you can park in the garage. The OUE tower is one of the largest in Downtown LA.

After check in we walked through the entrance which felt like a Disneyland ride. We were then asked to take a green screen picture and were given a card with a code to check back later. Here is our picture!

We got in an elevator and took it to the 54th floor. Also known as their observation deck.

We played around a bit with all of their photo ops. We even made some fun gifs at their selfie station.

Eeek, that’s far!

Next up was another elevator that took us to floor 71. We got there right at sunset, which made the view even more spectacular.

We stood in line for about 10 minutes before we each got a turn to go down the slide. Eeek it’s my turn!

Phew! 6 seconds later I made it down the slide.

While we were in the slide, it captured each of our reactions at the perfect time. These pictures crack me up!

We hung out a bit outside and enjoyed the view.

We also took turns taking pictures with the angel wings.

We went back inside where a DJ was playing 90’s jams, So fun! We grabbed a drink at the bar and sat at one of the tables.

We ended the night with dinner and drinks at Tom Tom!

I love adventuring with my girls!

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