School Update

It’s been 2 weeks since Sarah started Preschool.

It’s been a busy short two weeks! We’ve already had her Share Day (Show and Tell), our turn to bring Group Snack and a homework assignment.

On her Share Day she was asked to bring something special to share with the class. When I told Sarah she could bring an item from home to school she ran to her beloved Minion hat. 

minion backpack

If you didn’t know, Sarah is obsessed with Minions. There is something about those little yellow guys that make her so happy. After putting her hat in her backpack, I told her she could grab a couple of her Minion figurines to share with the class too. She was so happy she basically ran to school that morning!

The following week was our turn to bring a snack for the class or as her teachers call it Group Snack. Group Snack is when the parent brings snack for the entire class. I normally would bake or make some kind of Pinterest recipe, but I had a two days notice so that wasn’t going to happen. I bought blueberries, string cheese and graham crackers. 

Along with her Group Snack she was asked to do a homework assignment. To help the kids learn their shapes and numbers we were asked to to make three columns, draw a shape that represents each food, and place a serving size for each item.


Dropping her off in the mornings has become difficult.

The first week went really well. Between the novelty of it all and the new adventures, she couldn’t wait to get to school.

The second week however was different. The mornings started with her gripping my hand and tears streaming down her cheeks. She was upset and confused. She wanted to know why I was not staying like I did last year. She kept asking if I could stay with her. She didn’t want to let go of my hand and she even started to climb my leg so that I could pick her up. The teacher kindly came over and asked me if I wanted her help. Not used to this clingy behavior I didn’t know what to do. I comforted her a for a few more minutes and assured I’d be back soon. A few minutes later I decided to physically hand Sarah over to the teacher. Sarah burst into tears as I started to walk away. I hid in the classroom for a few minutes so that if they needed me I would be close by. A few minutes later the assistant teacher brought another kid to the bathroom so I walked up to her and asked her what she thought I should do. She said that Sarah always calms down after a few minutes and that it was safe for me to leave.

 I drove home that morning feeling awful, but hopeful. I know how much fun she has at school (she has lot’s to say when I pick her up) and know this transition is good for her, but it was hard to have to walk away when she was crying.

Picking her up on the other hand has been so much fun! She still runs up to me (like she did on the first day) with such excitement.


Her smile is from ear to ear and she has so many stories to share.

Even though it’s hard for us to be without one another, it’s healthy and good for us. I’m learning what I can do in 4 hours and Sarah is learning a ton. She’s already able to spell her name! 

Hoping this new transition remains smooth and without anymore tears!

Has your toddler/child had a hard time letting go in the mornings? Please share your story and any tips below.

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Aww thinking of her crying make me very sad, but I am sure it will be easier. hey, and if one is happy to leave mom – he is probably not happy at home..;). it is normal, I hear it everywhere and I would cry too if I was her..

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