My Pantry Makeover

I love cooking and I love being in the kitchen. I dream of the day I can design my own kitchen, but for now my small apartment kitchen will have to do. That is why I am always trying to organize (which drives my hubby crazy!) my cabinets, drawers, shelves, spice rack, etc. A while back I went to The Container Store (so much fun for an organized person) and picked up a bunch of containers in different sizes. After a quick wash and filling them with my frequently used items, I sat back and looked at the finished product. Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed! But didn’t have any more time or money to spent on it, so I let it go.

Lately I’ve been Pinning a lot of kitchen pantry ideas. Some are DIY and some are very expensive pantry options. I came across a few glorious pantries I’d like to share.

pantry+mid+shot industrial-pantry

140806208007651_pvjwaT2h_c  DSC05565

I was convinced my pantry should look the same!

After a visit to Michale’s to pick some things for Sarah’s room, I came across “Make + Print Your Own Custom Stickers” from It came with 3 sheets and custom kitchen designs already made. So for under $5 I was on my way to create my updated pantry.

After a misprint/printer issue I was down to 2 sheets. Each sheet contained 8 stickers. I had well over 8 containers therefore the packet was now useless.

Here is the finished product:20121220-134534.jpg


I like them, but I don’t love them. Plus I really don’t have a pantry, instead I just use my shelf.

Still dreaming of a kitchen I can design on my own one day. Until then here are some of my favorite Pinterest kitchens.


107312403590463484_PlWor81j_c 178877416419541075_px0tvO38_c 128704501820464338_cl9hWrEv_c

Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to follow you, just leave me your name on the comments below! And if you’re not already following me, I’m @mamachitchat.

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I think all of us dream of those kinds of kitchens…

Michal ema Benson

I am sure one day you will have the kitchen of your dreams and it will come soon….

I will have a kitchen pantry like this once my hungry growing boys stop raiding it 10 times a day moving everything around! (so in 10 or 15 years?) You can see some of my favorite kitchens on Pinterest,, following you now! :)

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