Museum of Ice Cream

A few months ago my sister, Germaine, forwarded me an email about a new pop up museum in LA. I skimmed the email, but decided to buy tickets at a later time. A couple days later I started seeing a bunch of Instagram pictures from my friends and celebrities. I quickly went back to my email, clicked on the link to find out it’s been sold out. Hmm what the heck is up with this museum?

Well after a waiting list, a dash to my computer to buy our tickets, a random date on the calendar and ta da we where on our way to the Museum of Ice Cream.

Waiting for our group to enter.

When you buy tickets you have to pick a time slot. This way, only a small amount of people go at a time. Ready, set, go!Room #1 – welcome room and a few rules. Tasting #1 – Dove chocolate.Room #2 – a room full of pink telephones. Tasting – none.

Sometimes there was someone on the other line and sometimes there wasn’t. Room #3 – La La Land Tasting #2 – Salted ice cream with a hard shellNeither kid liked it. I thought it was good, but a bit to salty.  Room #4 – Bananas Tasting – none

This room had 3 sections. Scratch and sniff, swings, and a place to go “bananas”. Room #5 – Mint  Tasting #3 – Mint flavored mochiThe kids got to water the mint garden. Jacob was a big fan of the tasting.  Room #6 – Claw  Tasting – none

This room had some fun pieces. Like huge plastic rainbows, a pink mirror, cute sayings and a claw machine. We were to busy trying to win a prize that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the fun machine. After a few tries I got a key chain, but I let it go after the guy behind me yelled something out and scared me. He saw us later in another room and gave my kiddos the same key chain we won.Jacob had fun dancing to the music and light show.  Room #7 – Popsicle’s  Tasting – none

This room looked like lot’s of fun! Except is was mostly roped off and we were asked to be gentle with the pieces. Room #8 – Gummy bears  Tasting #4 – A handful of gummy bears Room #9 – Cones  Tasting #5 – Cookie dough in a cone This looked horrible, but it was basically a cake ball in a cone. Yum!Room #10 – Sprinkles  Tasting – none

This is what sold me. I thought the kids swimming in a pool of sprinkles would be so much fun. I was right, the kids had a blast!

Sarah’s first reaction was to make a sprinkles angel. Which was totally cute, until I noticed her undies showing in all of the pics.   Jumping off the dive board was not allowed, but I turned around and saw this.Jacob was mostly interested in taking out the sprinkles. I also found a few in his diaper. :0Our last minute in the pool consisted of covering Sarah with sprinkles. So fun! Room #11 – Breakfast, ice cream swing, games and store.  Tasting #6 – Ice cream sandwich made with two pink pancakes and that’s a wrap!

We had lots of fun, got some great pictures and made a memorable experience. Until next time LA!

PS thanks for the recommendation G.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. However I wrote this post for mamas from a mama’s point of view.

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Nice recap! I went with my family in July & we had a blast too! I compared your experience with mine & noticed they changed up a few of the ice cream samples. Overall it was fun & I hope the museum extends its run again so that more SoCal families can see it. :)


Glad you had a good experience too. Yes, I hear they change it up every few weeks. I heard it’s moving to San Francisco next. :(

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