Memorial Day {2013}

Happy Memorial Day to all those who serve and served our amazing country!

We had a lot of plans this past weekend. From potlucks to celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday to a visit to the Splash Pad (It’s now opened VC!). However my little girl came down with a fever Friday night. I knew something was up because she wasn’t sleeping well the past week, but I was hoping with a good diet and proper care it would pass.

Unfortunately it didn’t, so we were stuck home all of Memorial Day weekend.

Since Sarah loves the park, I took her there one morning. She was so out of it that she just wanted to sit there as the kids played on the playground. Finally after some time of just sitting around she asked me to push her on the nad-ned (swing in Hebrew). It was nice to see her smile again!

We also took a walk one afternoon as I pointed out all the homeowners with flags in their driveway. We spotted 11 on just one block! It was a really nice time, expect the frequent stops to clean her runny nose.

As we were heading home from our walk, I spotted a bookshelf with a FREE note on it. After a quick call to hubby, he arrived with his car and off we went with a fairly new bookshelf for Sarah’s room. The one we previously had was no longer holding our big book supply.

photoAfter wiping it down and some help from my helper, it was ready to be placed in her room.

photo(1)If fits just right in her room. If even has extra space for more books ;)

photo(2)Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! Here is to healthier days!!

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